2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Renee Montgomery

Brian Martin: (3:25 PM ET ) How does it feel to go to the Lynx?

 Renee Montgomery: (3:26 PM ET ) It feels good to go there. I have a teammate there already, it�s nice when you go someone new to have someone you know that can help you out.

Bob, MN: Renee what will you bring to the lynx team?

 Renee Montgomery: (3:26 PM ET ) Hopefully just leadership and excitement and passion.

Courtney Gray (New Haven, CT): FOR RENEE MONTGOMERY! How does it feel to win a National Championship? Then becoming a first round draft pick all within a couple of days?

 Renee Montgomery: (3:27 PM ET ) It�s a little overwhelming at first. Right after winning the championship I had to think about playing at the next level. It�s just an exciting time.

Alexis (Camden, New Jersey): Renee Montgomery, what do you think will be your hardest adjustment leaving college?

 Renee Montgomery: (3:28 PM ET ) I think the hardest adjustment is that basketball now is a business., I'm going to miss the closeness that me and my teammates had. My team at UConn was like a family. I hope we can have that same feeling in the WNBA.