2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Angel McCoughtry

Sharon, Louisville: Angel, which players on the Dream are you looking forward to playing with?

 Angel McCoughtry: (3:14 PM ET ) Ivory Latta is a great point guard that plays with a lot of passion like I do. Both of our goals are to win a WNBA championship so it will be great to play with her.

Brian Martin: (3:14 PM ET ) Were you surprised to go No. 1?

 Angel McCoughtry: (3:15 PM ET ) Yes I was because there are so many great players out there.

Steve, Louisville: Angel, which player do you think will be your toughest opponent in the WNBA?

 Angel McCoughtry: (3:15 PM ET ) I think Deanna Nolan is tough, she can do it all, shooting, guarding everything on the court. She is unstoppable.

Karen, Connecticut: Did Angel get to meet Kara Lawson in St. Louis?

 Angel McCoughtry: (3:16 PM ET ) Yes I did. That went great, she's a very nice person, a legend and I look up to her.

Alex Miami, Florida: Angel are you excited to play with the dream or with a championship caliber team

 Angel McCoughtry: (3:17 PM ET ) I'd rather be where I am because it will mean so much more when we win one in Atlanta.