2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Rashada McCants

Johnny J, Princeton, NJ: Rashada, has your brother given you any advice on how to succeed as a pro athlete?

 Rashanda McCants: (4:13 PM ET ) Yes. As far as going out there and knowing that are you fighting for a job. Its a business approach but you have to have a love for the game to make it in this business and that's never been a problem for me.

Brian Martin: (4:14 PM ET ) You and your brother seem to be following each other throughout your career.

 Rashanda McCants: (4:14 PM ET ) My whole life I've always followed my brother, around the house, on the court. For it to convert from being kids to going to college to being drafted by the same franchise, even though he's left, I don't think any other brother sister combo has done that. It's a blessing.

Ryan (Chaska, MN): Who would win in a game of one-on-one, you or Rashad?

 Rashanda McCants: (4:15 PM ET ) Me. All day!

Brian Martin: (4:15 PM ET ) Can you just describe your feelings right now from waiting in the studio, to hearing your name called?

 Rashanda McCants: (4:16 PM ET ) I'm going to say its like a relief to be picked to a team and to be part of such a great franchise. I'm friends with the girls there and I�m looking forward to a new beginning.

bob, mn: what will you bring to the team?

 Rashanda McCants: (4:17 PM ET ) I will bring versatility, stong defense, a winning mentality, passion, anything you can think of, I have in my arsenal. I'm a hard worker and I'm very personable. I'm also very familiar with Minnesota so I should be able to get around really well.