2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Lyndra Littles

Maylan, NY, NY: Lyndra, Are you excited to play for one of the WNBA's best coaches in Mike Thibault?

 Lyndra Littles: (4:18 PM ET ) I�m very excited., I think he's done a great job with that team. I'm looking forward to getting there and working with him and learning his program.

Sarah, Virginia: Lyndra Littles 1st of all congrats on being drafted. We UVA fans love you! You really worked hard in the offseason to expand your game this year. Do you have a new goal going into the WNBA?

 Lyndra Littles: (4:19 PM ET ) My goal is to go in there and work extremely hard and compete for a championship.

Matt, Belford, NJ: Lyndra, How did playing in a tough conference like the ACC prepare you for the WNBA?

 Lyndra Littles: (4:20 PM ET ) I think the competition in the ACC is one of the best conferences as far as talent; you can see that in Toliver, Coleman, McCants and myself as well.

Ryan (Rocklin, CA): Lyndra, who do you compare your game to the most in the WNBA?

 Lyndra Littles: (4:21 PM ET ) That's a tough one because so many women in the WNBA are versatile like me. They are all strong, they can all shoot, they can all shoot, they are all good with the basketball. So it�s hard to pick just one player.