2009 WNBA Pre-Draft Conference Call: Draft Prospects


Chante Black
Duke - Center

Kristi Toliver
Maryland - Guard

Kia Vaughn
Rutgers - Center

Ashley Walker
California - Forward

Q: Ashley, with the roster size being cut down, Houston Comets folding and the coaches saying it will be tough to make a team, has it changed your perspective on entering the league this season?

AW: �Not really, I have talked to my coaches and we made a plan that I will work my tail off in the off-season and do as much as I can to put myself in a position to make a team.�

Q: As a follow-up, has there been any talk between you and the other players about not going into the WNBA, simply because it�s too competitive?

AW: �No, I definitely think that anybody that has the chance to play in the WNBA would love to play in the WNBA, and no one would give that opportunity up.�

Q: Kristi, where do you see yourself being drafted? Has it always been a goal of yours to play professionally?

KT: �I am not sure, I know where I want to be, and I think things will play out. I would like to play with an up-tempo team. I have always had the intention of playing professionally. When you are a little kid and watch Lisa Leslie and Diana Taurasi on TV, you dream to be able to do the same.�

Q: What�s it like to have Marissa (Coleman) as a teammate and both possibly go in the first round?

KT: �Marissa has definitely elevated her game and taken it to another level and it�s great that the both of us are wanted in this league. We both have made each other better on and off the court.�

Q: Kia, have you talked to Essence (Carson), Matee (Ajavon) or Coach Stringer on what you can expect at the next level? Have they given you any advice?

KV: "The only person I have talked to is Coach Stringer; I will be talking to Matee and Essence in the next day or so. Coach Stringer just said to work hard and keep my skill up, I have always worked hard and will continue to do so. I am an intense person.�

Q: The Connecticut Sun is picking 10th and will need a front court player; do you see yourself fitting into their style of play?

AW: �They do play the style that I like and can fit into. I will do whatever it takes.�

KV: �They are a running team, and I like to run, it�s who ever could use me at the time.�

CB: �I know that Lindsay Whalen is looking for a big to dish off to and I love those opportunities when you have a guard looking to pass off the ball to the post.�

Q: What position do you see yourself playing and how hard was it to get back on the court after your loss?

CB: �It took me a while to wake up from the loss to Michigan State, it still feels like we should be in it. I got back on the court on Monday and have been just doing cardio and weight lifting. I am a versatile post player and I am still looking to improve my game and expanding it to the perimeter.�

Q: What is your workout/training right now?

KV: �I am not taking a break at all, I am getting up in the morning and doing cardio and lifting weights.�

AW: �I am taking a few days off to let my legs relax. Monday I will start individuals with my coaches to get game-ready.�

KT: �I am taking a few days off as well, just keeping busy with traveling to the Final Four in St. Louis. I am very mindful of lifting weights again and getting my strength back as well.�

Q: Is there any particular team that your game would be best-suited to?

KT: �I would say the Phoenix Mercury. They play up-tempo. Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi love to get up and down the floor.�

KV: �I think Connecticut would fit me well, running the floor and they are a defensive team. Coach Stringer�s system was defense and that�s my passion.�

CB: �I would say Connecticut as well, they have a great veteran post player and I would fit alongside her well.�

AW: �I like Phoenix and the up-tempo. I also think Los Angeles, they have dominant players and they could use someone that can just come in and contribute more points.�