2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Marissa Coleman

Jerome, Washington D.C.: Marissa, are you excited to stay in the area to start your WNBA career?

 Marissa Coleman: (3:19 PM ET ) II�m very excited to start my career in the area. Over the past few years I�ve gotten to play in front of some great fans at the Comcast Center, and a lot of them said they hoped I would stay home so they could come watch me play. Hopefully they�ll come out, especially since now there�s two Terps on the team.

Mark Fisher - Rockville, Maryland: Marissa Coleman, While there are many very talented women in this year's draft, I believe that you are the most solid, pro-ready pick this year. Your desire and determination for the game is unmatched. How does it feel to be able to play with Crystal Langhorne again?

 Marissa Coleman: (3:20 PM ET ) It's a dream come true. Crystal makes life so much easier for everyone around her. We played well together for three years and hopefully we'll have success in the WNBA with the Mystics.

Ann, Towson, MD: Marissa, Who was your favorite player growing up and is she still in the league so you can play against her?

 Marissa Coleman: (3:21 PM ET ) I was a big UConn fan because of Diana Taurasi. I got to play against her when she was on the USA team and they did the college tour. It will be great to play against her in the WNBA. Not many people get to guard their idol.