2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Courtney Paris

Brett (Lawrence, KS): Courtney Paris, how will it feel to play on a different team than your sister Ashley?

 Courtney Paris: (3:37 PM ET ) Its going to be hard but I'm extremely excited to be back in California. Even though we go to the same school, we are independent of each other as well. I know she will support me as I will support her.

Brian Martin: (3:38 PM ET ) How nervous for her in this draft process?

 Courtney Paris: (3:38 PM ET ) I�m not nervous for her. I know wherever she goes she's going to play well and work hard for that team. I'm not nervous for her, I'm excited for her.

Harris: Macon, GA: Courtney, an amazing college career what do you think would be your biggest asset on this level?

 Courtney Paris: (3:39 PM ET ) I think I have a lot of things to work on. I need to work on my fitness and learning more ways to score. One thing I've always been able to do is rebound so I'll concentrate on that and work on my weaknesses from there.

Kara, Orlando: Courtney, who do you think you'll learn the most from in the next year?

 Courtney Paris: (3:41 PM ET ) This whole week they have been asking who I look up to and I've been saying Tamika Catchings and Kara Lawson. I can't wait to play with Lawson. It�s amazing to play with her like I did in when I was with USA basketball.