2009 WNBA Draft Chat: DeWanna Bonner

Brian Martin: (3:29 PM ET ) How are you feeling right now?

 DeWanna Bonner: (3:29 PM ET ) I�m excited right now. I'm ready to go to Phoenix and give all that I have. I can't wait to play with Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter.

D.bARR, Tennessee: For DeWanna Bonner: Congratulations on an amazing career and an amazing year (even though I'm an Ole Miss fan). What do you see as your greatest challenge in becoming a great pro player?

 DeWanna Bonner: (3:30 PM ET ) I think its just learning the philosophy of a new coach. From what I hear Phoenix likes to run up and down and that's my style. I'm just looking forward to getting out there and playing.

Ryan (Rocklin, CA): DeWanna, who do you compare your game to the most in the WNBA?

 DeWanna Bonner: (3:31 PM ET ) I would say a mix between Sophia Young and Lisa Leslie. I can work with my back to the basket like Lisa and get out and run like Sophia.

Stephanie Indy, IN: DeWanna, who are you most looking forward to defending?

 DeWanna Bonner: (3:32 PM ET ) That's a tough one. There are so many out there that I want to defend. I'll say Candace Parker because we play a similar style. I look forward to that challenge of guarding her.

Astrose00, East Brunswick, NJ: DeWanna, what position do you think you'll play?

 DeWanna Bonner: (3:32 PM ET ) I think the 3 or the 4. I don't really have a preference I�m just ready to get out there and play.