2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Chante Black

Danny Buckets, Sheepshead Bay, NY: Chante, when did you first make playing in the WNBA a goal of yours?

 Chante Black: (3:48 PM ET ) I would say after sophomore year and going to the national championship. I really wanted to exert myself as a player and playing with my teammates Monique Currie and Lindsey Harding, they basically told me that I should aim to play at the next level.

Coach Willert Kernersville, NC: Chante Black the East Forsyth Family is very proud of you. What was your greatest college memory?

 Chante Black: (3:49 PM ET ) My sophomore year beating Tennessee at home, they were number one and we were number two and all bets were against us.

Ryan (Rocklin, CA): Chante, what is the one area of your game that you need to work on the most?

 Chante Black: (3:50 PM ET ) Still working on my face up game and being more active when pursuing rebounds.