2009 WNBA Draft: Ashley Paris

Kendra, Beverly Hills, CA: Ashley, Are you looking forward to facing your sister a lot since you are now on division rivals?

 Ashley Paris: (4:34 PM ET ) Yeah. I doubt she's looking forward to facing me. I think people have been thinking I've been living in her shadow, but now they'll see how I was stomping her every day in practice.

Michelle, Compton: Ashley are you excited to play in LA in your home state?

 Ashley Paris: (4:35 PM ET ) Yes, I'm very excited. LA is a great place. It�s a great opportunity to play with Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie, who are two great post players.

Takia J, Atlanta Ga: This question is for Courtney and Ashley Paris.How do you think it will feel final playing against each other on different teams?And do you think it will be hard adjusting to not having your sister there with you as you journey through your rookie year?

 Ashley Paris: (4:36 PM ET ) I honestly think as much as I love playing with her, this will be a great opportunity for me to kind of drift away from her. It will be a good opportunity to get out of her shadow and establish myself on my own.

Harris, Macon, GA: Ashley, youre about to play with last years MVP and many gold medalists and WNBA champs. What kind of advice will you be seeking from them?

 Ashley Paris: (4:37 PM ET ) Just all of their knowledge. If i can makethat team it will be a great experience. I'll be playing with great players and I'll try to absorb all of her knowledge.