March 28, 2007 - Pre-Draft Camp Q&A with Shay Doron (Maryland), Jessica Davenport (Ohio State), Bernice Mosby (Baylor), Chrissy Givens (Middle Tennessee State).

Q: Are you intrigued at all about becoming a professional before your senior year and is that topic pervasive in women's basketball?

Davenport : Any athlete would aspire to be a professional athlete in their respective sport, so I think that as the WNBA has grown, a lot of players are trying to reach that level and the players that are there make it exciting for everybody to be there.

Doron: I completely agree. Women's basketball has become so big in the U.S. and people want to be a part of it and people grow up wanting to play in the WNBA. I was one of those [people] and it [playing in the WNBA] was one of the things in the back of my mind that I wanted to accomplish this year. Our program at Maryland is just starting right now, and I'm the first of Coach B's (Brenda Frese) hopefully many players who will continue on to the next level.

Q: Do you think the women's team is ever going to get to the point where you see a lot of underclassmen coming out?

Doron: As of right now, I don't think so, just because of the [difference in] opportunities. If you're a guy, you're going to sign a contract worth millions of dollars. Women have to think a little bit more about having that backup plan and having that four-year cushion and getting a degree is important for women and it gets us prepared mentally and physically for the next level and also prepares us for the real world. I just don't think women's basketball is prepared for that and I don't think it would help the sport either.

Q: What are you doing to help get yourself ready for any pre-draft camps and workouts, and also, how do you feel your game will translate to the professional level?

Doron: Right now I'm actually trying to play as much as I can, pick-up wise with the guys at the Rec. Center. I'm shooting a lot, doing a lot of ball-handling drills and just trying to stay in shape as best as I can and just keep my shot sharp. I'm excited and think I'm definitely ready for the next level. I've been preparing for four years and I'm confident. It's going to have to be a good draft camp for me but I am ready and confident that I can play at that next level.

Q: How long have you been thinking that it would be a possibility for you to play in the WNBA, and what do you want to show coaches in the pre-draft camp?

Davenport: It has been an option ever since I entered college, knowing that there was another level of basketball and that I wanted to play in the WNBA. I just want to show what I've been showing for four years. I think I've been a pretty consistent player my whole college career and I've gotten better each year, so just to try not to step outside of the box of doing the things that make me a good player.

Q: Coaches have said they want to watch you guard a face-up player, are you prepared to do that?

Davenport: Yes. I've been preparing for different types of players and we have different types of post-players in our program, so I think I'll be prepared to do that.

Q: For Bernice Mosby´┐Ż.First off, do you feel that there is anything more you can prove to the WNBA coaches and scouts? If not, what else can you do/prove at the pre-draft camp?

Mosby: I think there are a lot of things I can do for myself, being the size I am and the position I am, just showing my versatility at the guard and the forward spot -- as my game started to progress during the course of the season, I started to face up more and shoot outside from the three-point line more, so I think all of those things will play a factor in the Pre-Draft Camp. Also conditioning-wise and staying in shape, even if I get fatigued I can still play through it.

Q: Do you have a good feel for where you might go? Do you think you'll be a first-round draft pick?

Mosby: Oh, I really don't know. I'll be happy with wherever I go and I'll accept my role wherever I go and I'll be fine with it.

Q: I was wondering what the response has been like for the Mosby Fund (after a fire destroyed her family's home earlier in March) for your family.

Mosby: Oh it's been wonderful; I had a lot of great supporters helping me out. I'm very thankful for all the people who came through and helped me - it was a tough time at the end of the year for me, and I just appreciate everybody and all the help they've given me.

Q: Have you been home at all?

Mosby: No I haven't been home yet. I might go home after the pre-draft camp. We'll see how everything is going.

Q: How do you feel your play in the NCAA Tournament may have affected your draft standing, and was it something you thought about heading into post-season play?

Givens: I came in knowing that it would play a big part in the WNBA Draft, but I didn't let it get to me because winning as a team is the most important thing to me. The first game, I had a pretty good game. My second game was not one of my better games, but you have to look at the circumstances and all the different things that were going on. I still feel pretty good because getting invited to the camp gives me a chance to prove that I am consistent. The tournament may weigh a little bit [more] but overall in the season, I was pretty consistent.

Q: How important do you think the pre-draft camp will be for you, individually?

Doron: I think it is really important, especially for the teams that don't get to see us play a lot. Especially for me, as far as my game is concerned, my overall game - I'm not just a one-stat player and I think the more you get to see, the more you get to see how many of the little things I do - instead of actually scoring 50 points. Hopefully I'll get to show that. I'm not sure how things work since I've never been at the Pre-Draft Camp before, but I'm hoping I get to show my all-around game.

Givens: Being at a mid-major school, I think the pre-draft camp is going to be really, really big for me. We don't play on ESPN. We don't get a lot of looks. We don't have a local WNBA team here in Tennessee, so for me, I pretty much have to go out there and show them everything that I have and just show them how hard I work. I love to play defense. I'm sure a lot of people didn't get to see me play this year and I was very limited in that regard, so the Pre-Draft Camp is pretty much everything for me.

Q: Did you imagine you would get so much exposure in your college program?

Givens: This is really a dream to me. I came in and sat the bench my freshman year, and then I became a defensive stopper. I didn't really have a three-point shot, couldn't really shoot that well. My second year, I got a little better, and Coach Insell comes in and just totally helped me elevate my game. The coaches got me in the gym, shooting. Right now, I'm on cloud nine. Just to have gotten to where I am right now has just been a blessing for me and I just think that it's funny how everything worked out. I never thought this would be happening. Everything happens for a reason and God put me in this position, and I'd just like to fulfill it.

Q: Have you given any thought as to where you'd like to play at the next level?

Givens: I just want to play. I don't really care where I go because I know my parents and my family will be wherever I go, so I just want to play. Put me on a team and let me play!