Seattle Storm Draft Preview

Twelve-year veteran Sue Bird is back this year to join teammate and 9-year veteran Tanisha Wright.
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First 3 Selections in 2013
  • No. 7 overall
  • No. 19 overall
  • No. 31 overall

  • Last 3 First Round Picks (Pick, Year)
  • Tianna Hawkins (6, 2013)
  • Shekinna Stricklen (2, 2012)
  • Jasmine Thomas (12, 2011)

  • Strengths
  • Solid Defense
  • Point Guard Depth
  • Core Group Back

  • Areas of Improvement
  • Offensive Production
  • Post Depth
  • Staying Healthy

  • Overview
    This Seattle team has been riddled with injuries and retirements of late (last year Sue Bird, Lauren Jackson and Ann Wauters were out; this year Lauren Jackson is injured again and Tina Thompson retired), but that�s not to say that the team is without true veteran talent this year. Sue Bird will make her return to the league for her 13th season and Tanisha Wright for her 10th.

    Last year (and the year before that) the Storm were ousted by the Minnesota Lynx in the first round of the playoffs. This year, they hope, that curse will be reversed.

    And while they�re looking to makeup some of that lag in Lauren Jackson�s post absence, according to Coach Agler �one person can't fill that whole void.�

    What�s tough, though, is knowing exactly how to navigate a draft where you have a void to fill and three middle-of-the-round picks.

    �Everybody has a plan going in but we're sitting at number 7 so who we draft will rely on who's still there�We certainly have an idea who will be drafted early, but really we have to make a decision at the time.�

    But if there�s one thing that Coach Agler is definitely looking for, it�s �someone that fits our culture and a need we have specifically.�

    He says, however, that �it's really tough for rookies to come in and be a starter right away.� Meaning that they�re looking for someone (or several people) who can fill a specific need without filling Lauren Jackson�s shoes completely.

    But that doesn�t worry Agler who says he �feels good about his core group� as well as the team�s �solid defense and two exceptional point guards.�

    And while Seattle seems to be waiting with bated breath for the draft to happen, Coach Agler encourages fans �to be there in in an excited sort of way but with an open mind because anything could happen.�

    The Storm just like to keep everyone on their toes. Which is a good thing, come basketball season.

    2013 (top 3 picks)
    2. Shekinna Stricklen
    22. Keisha Hampton

    12. Jasmine Thomas
    24. Ify Ibekwe
    36. Krystal Thomas

    10. Alison Lacey
    22. Tanisha Smith
    34. Tijana Krivacevic
    2013 LEADERS
    1. Tina Thompson (14.1)
    2. Tanisha Wright (11.9)
    3. Camille Little (10.9)

    1. Tina Thompson (5.8)
    2. Noelle Quinn (4.9)
    3. Camille Little (4.7)

    1. Tanisha Wright (4.1)
    2. Temeka Johnson (4.0)
    3. Noelle Quinn (1.6)