Atlanta Dream Draft Preview

With Angel McCoughtry back and a new head coach in Michael Cooper, can the Dream finally push through the Finals?
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First 3 Selections in 2014
  • No. 8 overall
  • No. 18 overall
  • No. 20 overall

  • Last 3 First Round Picks (Pick, Year)
  • Ta'Shia Phillips (8, 2011)
  • Chanel Mokango (9, 2010)
  • Angel McCoughtry (1, 2009)

  • Strengths
  • Experience
  • Angel McCoughtry

  • Areas of Improvement
  • Transition Defense
  • Backcourt

  • Overview

    The Dream has made it to the WNBA Finals three times in the past four years�and all three times the team was swept. Atlanta has fallen short too many times and new head coach Michael Cooper wants to change that.

    With a similar team as last year, there is so much playoff experience. Now, according to Cooper, one element needs to be increased�speed.

    �We want to push tempo,� said Cooper. �This team was a running team last year and I want to pick it up another notch. I think that we can add eight to ten more points on the offensive production.�

    In addition to increasing speed, Cooper wants to improve on the defensive side of the ball and he is looking for this kind of player in the Draft.

    With the No. 8 pick in this year�s Draft, the Dream are in the middle of the pack in the first round but Cooper still feels good about the position.

    �The caliber of play from the last time I was here (coaching in the WNBA), for the four years I was gone, has jumped dramatically. The talent level has really risen and that�s the fun part about the draft now.�

    And who is catching his eye with that pick?

    �We have that middle pick, so what we�re going to do is that we have some ideas of people that might possibly be there and Bria Hartley is one of them.�

    And with these changes, the Dream hope to finally power through the WNBA Finals and win the championship.

    2013 (top 3 picks)
    13. Alex Bentley
    31. Ann Marie Armstrong

    14. Tiffany Hayes
    32. Isabelle Yacoubou

    8. Ta'Shia Phillips
    18. Rachel Jarry
    32. Kelsey Bolte
    2013 LEADERS
    1. Angel McCoughtry (21.5)
    2. Erika de Souza (12.9)
    3. Jasmine Thomas (8.5)

    1. Erika de Souza (9.9)
    2. Angel McCoughtry (5.3)
    3. Lecoe Willingham (4.2)

    1. Angel McCoughtry (4.4)
    2. Jasmine Thomas (3.1)
    3. Alex Bently (2.8)