Sugar Rodgers Q&A

Leading up to the April 15 draft, will be posting Q&As with the draft invitees so they can introduce themselves to WNBA fans.

The most decorated player in Georgetown history, Rodgers comes in as one of the best scorers in this year's draft. A four-time All-BIG EAST First Team selection, she Georgetown's all-time leader in scoring a 3-point FGs made. She averaged 22.9 points per game her senior season.

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What three words best describe your game?
Unorthodox, exciting, and well rounded.

What strengths, qualities or skills will be able to bring to a WNBA team?
My respect and love for the game. Working hard on and off the court. My passion to win every game!

Sugar Rodgers
Courtesy of Georgetown Athletics
What specific skills do you need to work on in order to succeed at this level?
Taking high percentage shots.

When were you introduced to the game of basketball?
I was around 13 in my neighborhood on a wooden backboard goal my brother purchased for a cheap price.

When did you know you wanted to be a professional basketball player? And, given that dream, when did you realize that you had a legitimate shot of doing so?
When I won Rookie of the Year for the Big East and I was sitting on that podium with soon to be professional players Maya Moore and Tina Charles.

What do you think it will feel like when your name first gets called and who will you share the moment with?
I think it will be an unbelievable feeling. I will be sharing it with my family and coaches at the studio. I also will be sharing it with my whole city, family who could not make it and fans.

Once you get settled in a new team, do you have any first-year goals in mind?
Just do anything to help my team win and get to the finals.

Are there any current WNBA players that you model your game after?
I try and model my work ethic after Maya Moore.

What WNBA players are you most looking forward to playing against or meeting?

What is your best on-court moment?
When I broke the scoring record for men and women at Georgetown.

Tell your new fans something that most people do not know about you?
I�m writing a book called �A Bitter Sweet Life�.

How would you describe yourself? (i.e. outgoing, shy, silly, generous, life of the party)
I�m shy, nice person, loving, outgoing once I get to know you.

What�s your favorite movie? What type of music do you listen to? Any particular artists that you listen to prior to a game?
I do not have a favorite movie, but love watching all types of movies. 90s R&B, today�s R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, and Gospel.

Do you use social media? If so, what platform? And, would you like to share your information with your new fans?
Yes, Facebook: Sugar Rodgers, Twitter: 14Sugar, Instagram:Sugarrodgers