Shenise Johnson Q&A

This week we will be posting Q+As with some of the nation's top prospects so they can introduce themselves to WNBA fans.

Shenise Johnson is one of the most versatile players in the draft. The 5-foot-11 New York native ended her collegiate career as just the second player in NCAA Division I history to score 2,000 points, pull down 1,000 rebounds, dish out 500 assists and have 400 steals. She will be one of the most sought after players in this year's draft.

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One of your teammates, Riquna Williams, is also expected to be a coveted draft prospect. Can you talk about what it�s like to play with someone of her talents?
Talent wise there isn�t anyone quicker, stronger, and with the leaping abilities she has at 5�6. I have never seen anyone with this type of explosiveness in my entire life. I played four years with her day in and day out, I am still amazed at how she does it.

Everyone talks about your scoring, but you were 10th in the league in steals. What is your defensive strategy that makes you so strong in this department?
Reading a passer's body language and eyes while off the ball and being able to make the right reads. While defending on the ball anticipation is key. I predict where my offender is going before they do. I use my quick hands to poke it out, or strip it before they get into their shot.

Shenise Johnson
Courtesy of Miami Athletics
There�s a chance both you and Riquna will be first round picks. Can you talk about what that means for the Miami program that is often overshadowed in the ACC?
Having two athletes in the top draft will allow young females who decide to come to the University of Miami as we did believe that their dreams of becoming a professional athlete can happen here at the �U�. This also gives our school national exposure that we need to bring in top recruits so that the world will continue to hear about the University of Miami for years to come. If that happens then my ultimate goal has been reached.

What strengths, qualities or skills will be able to bring to a WNBA team?
I will be able to bring vocal leadership and a positive attitude that is needed day in and day out. These are two things that I can control mentally. I am also there to learn and soak up all the knowledge I can, so execution will be very important. Physically I can bring any and everything my team needs from me. I can do it all, from rebounding, to passing, scoring, and locking up my girl defensively. Pick your poison.

What do you expect to be some of the biggest challenges or adjustments at the next level?
Not having the support around me like I had in college. Someone was always there and at this level, everything is on your own. That will be different for me. Also understanding that this is business not just a game and if I don�t produce then I will be fired.

What specific skills do you need to work on in order to succeed at this level?
I worked on time management in college but it still needs some work. I will have to improve my 3 ball even more at this level to be a threat in all areas of the court.

When were you introduced to the game of basketball?
My sister who is 4 years older than me played before I did, so I watched her growing up. I was in 5th grade when I first started. I was the point guard and I would always have to bring the ball up. My sister Shawntalae would do this wrap around behind the back move that I wanted to learn how to do if it was the last thing I did. So she showed me and I practiced it every day until I mastered it. Thanks sister!

When did you know you wanted to be a professional basketball player? And, given that dream, when did you realize that you had a legitimate shot of doing so?
I knew when I first started playing in 5th grade my mother would do interviews of me while coming back from a big game. Whether we win or lost she told me I still had to conduct myself like a lady. I didn�t know how to deal with losing as a child. I didn�t think that I would really have an opportunity to play being that the chances were slim to none. I knew my sophomore year in college that I could be really special. Basically when I started maturing and figuring out what I wanted to do in life. My coaching staff help instill that belief that I could make it every year. By pushing me to be the best I could be on that day.

What do you think it will feel like when your name first gets called and who will you share the moment with?
I know I will be filled with emotion on Monday. I will share that moment with my mother, father, sister, little brother, and my grandparents. I will be anxious to meet my teammates and coaching staff. I will be ready to work.

Once you get settled in a new team, do you have any first-year goals in mind?
Rookie of the Year

Are there any current WNBA players that you model your game after?
No, I try to be my own person, but some say I remind them of Theresa Edwards and Sheryl Swoopes

What WNBA players are you most looking forward to playing against or meeting?
Tamika Catchings, Cappie Pondexter, Katie Smith

What is your best on-court moment?
Haven�t had one yet

Tell your new fans something that most people do not know about you?
i write poetry in my spare time, also love coloring as a stress reliever

How would you describe yourself?
Very silly. I'm always laughing and smiling

What�s your favorite movie? What type of music do you listen to? Any particular artists that you listen to prior to a game?
I love slow jams (R&B) but my pregame playlists consists of Waka Flaka, Rhianna, (old) Jay-Z, Travis Porter, Tyga

Do you use social media? If so, what platform? And, would you like to share your information with your new fans?
Of course I use social media. I use Twitter and Facebook. Follow me on twitter @sm00ve_witit42 and type in my name to find me on Facebook (Shenise Johnson).