Blog Squad: Mistie Williams
  Mistie Williams
Position:  F
Born: Dec 2, 1983
Height: 6-3 /  1,91
Weight: 205  lbs. /  93,0  kg.
College : Duke '06

Mistie Williams became one of the most popular first-year players in Comets history during her rookie season and for good reason.

During a six-game stretch, the rookie replaced injured star Tina Thompson and helped the Comets remain in the thick of the postseason race with her hustle and solid defense.

Williams completed her first season averaging 2.9 points and 2.4 rebounds per game. takes a look back at Williams' first season in a WNBA uniform -- in her own words. The following is Williams' blog that she contributed during the 2006 season:

August 7, 2006

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well as the summer is coming close to an end. I know that this time of the year was always fun because it was a time to start getting ready for school all over again. It is a little strange that I am not going to be in school this upcoming school year, but the memory of getting ready for it is almost as good as the real deal. So all you kids out there… I envy you going to get school clothes, school supplies and all that good stuff.

We just got back from a week long road trip and it was pretty fun. We came home 2-1 which is always good to come back with more wins than losses. After we came home I realized that my rookie season is almost over. Time passes so quickly, but I have been playing basketball for an entire year without a break. That’s amazing! Usually I have a break to do something else, but not this year. It is interesting because I am always experiencing something new. For example, I’ll be leaving shortly after the season to begin my journey with overseas basketball. I’m excited because I have never really been out of the United States. The life of a Professional! (Ha Ha…I like that).

On Saturday, a couple of the Houston Comets went to support Tracy McGrady at his annual celebrity softball fundraiser. It was really fun, but incredibly hot outside (I think I should be used to that now). Each of us got to coach star-studded baseball teams for the day. Stars that showed up for the cause consisted of Paul Wall, Luther Head, Hakeem Olajuwon “The Dream,” Fat Joe, Damon Jones, James Posey, Tracy McGrady, Nick Van Exel, Bo Outlaw, and many more. Oh yeah and …WHO? Mike Jones. I’m so silly. I may be biased, but my team was the best. I was a proud coach of Tracy McGrady, Bo Outlaw, and Nick Van Exel. I actually was a counterfeit coach; I had no idea how to coach softball. I thought about going out there and doing some signals, but I would have looked silly. I was actually sitting in the dugout looking through my purse for something and Tracy was like “Coach…” Ooops! All he could do was shake his head! I think I should stick to basketball. It keeps my attention!

For all of you who voted that you wanted to know who would be on my all-time basketball team I am going to let you in on what I’m thinking. The list (in no particular order) would read:

1. Shaquille O’neal: He is the most dominate inside player! He is a beast and no one can stop him. I’ll put him on my team any day.
2. Michael Jordan: Enough said!
3. Sheryl Swoopes: Ms. All-Everything! Her game is nice and no-one can stop her two dribble left pull-up. Buckets!
4. Allen Iverson: He is tough and has a swagger about him! That’s what every team needs. He may only be 6’0 but he can score and finish strong around the rim. Don’t forget, the man has some handles.
5. Tina Thompson: True student of the game. She knows the in and out of the game and truly understands how the game should be played. As a result of her work ethic and this knowledge she is dangerous. She gets you on the inside, and when her defender has had enough, she’ll take you outside and be a nightmare. Wait until she gets that sky hook down…It’s over then.
6. Charles Barkley: Another one of those gritty players that just changes the game when they check in.
7. Kobe Bryant: love him or hate him…I want him on my team! Can score anyway he feels like scoring and enjoys every moment of it! Has passion for the game.
8. Dwayne Wade: Big time player and big time finisher! I don’t think he is even close to showing the world everything he has! He’s going to become one of the NBA’s best!
9. Cynthia Cooper: Champion! Legend!
10. Larry Bird: He’s the real deal!

Well, there is so many more that I would love to add, but these 10 would be must haves!
Until Next Time,

Mistie Williams

July 24, 2006

It has been an eventful two weeks as a Houston Comet, but I have loved every moment of it. As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, there are many WNBA rookies experiencing new terrain with roles and playing time. Most of us have been “waiting our turn” to show their individual talents to the world. I never thought my turn would have come so soon, but I told myself that when the opportunity was presented, I was going to give my team all I had to offer. It started on the ninth of July against Detroit and it has been going well ever since.

After the game against Detroit, the entire league went on All-Star Break. Four of my teammates (Dawn Staley, Sheryl Swoopes, Tina Thompson, and Michelle Snow) were apart of the 26 women honored to be All-Stars this season. I had never been to an All-Star game, so I decided to go up to NYC and enjoy the festivities. I had a great time in NYC and at the game. When I got to NYC I met up with my agent and got really dressed up because the agency was throwing an event for Teresa Witherspoon for her tremendous career in the WNBA. Before the event, I went to the game and watched so many people play that I have come to know since I have been in the league. It was a great experience because watching the game created an intense desire inside of me. I realized that sometime in my career I want to be one of those players wearing an All-Star jersey. It is definitely something I want and will work very hard for. There isn’t anything wrong with having dreams, right? At the game I saw some of my former teammates from Duke (Ali Bales and Laura Kurz) which was great! It was the first time I saw them since I left school for Houston.

After the game was over I got to go behind the scenes and be apart of all the craziness. Of course the West was very disappointed with the loss, but they did a good job. My teammate, Tina Thompson let me into the locker room to see everyone so that was pretty neat. Early the next morning, we had to head out to Chicago for a game, and I was feeling energized and ready for the second half of the season.

Chicago was a really tough game! It seemed like they just kept holding on and wouldn’t go away. Games like that are really good for the crowd to watch, but terrible to play in because it can get so stressful. The best part about playing in Chicago was being so close to my home town! Some of my really good friends and family came to watch me play. For some of them, they haven’t seen me play in person since high school. I was happy that I was able to play and that they were able to be there to watch. My mom was so excited. This was the first time that she saw me in person with my professional jersey and the whole nine yards. So you all could imagine how that was! It is something about mothers and them wanting to cry, but it is understandable!

Next stop was Indiana! Oh I was so mad we lost that game. It slipped right through our hands. On a positive note, Indiana was a great trip! Roneeka, Sancho, and I all went to the movies to see You, Me, and Dupree. It was a pretty funny movie, a little over the top, but a great movie. After the game, I went out to dinner with Sheryl and her family. That was fun! Jordan, Sheryl’s son, is such a great kid. He is something else too! Just yesterday at the Comets season ticket holder event at the Zuma Fun Center, I had a whole stack of about 500 tickets that I won from playing games. Jordan came up stairs with about 20 tickets and gave them to me. He said, “Here Mistie, we will split all of them later.” I was like what a nut.

Yesterday was fun at Zuma! It would have been better if it wouldn’t have rained. I would have been in the go-carts all day! I met a lot of fans who really know how to show their support for our team. I think a day like this is a great way for the fans to get to know what the players are really like. I think sometimes people can create an idea that a person is one way when in reality they are completely different. I got that at Duke a lot. People always told me that they thought I was mean because of the way I played. That couldn’t have been more wrong because I am just a big kid. I probably showed that yesterday. I was on that Dance Dance Revolution game for an entire hour with all the fans. That’s what it is all about though. Making the most out of what you love to do. Having a job that you love to do is worth the wait and worth the work, and I am glad to share my happiness with everyone.

Until next time,

Mistie Williams #8

July 10, 2006

Hello Everyone!

We just got back from a two game road trip (0-2), but I am a person who really likes to talk about the positives of a trip. Our first stop was the City of Angels, LA. Los Angeles is a nice place to visit, but it is certainly not a place I would like to live. I’m sure Tina Thompson would totally disagree, but it just doesn’t seem like a place for me. However, I did have a great time. I have a sister named Jane and she lives in L.A. She and her husband decided to take me out for a new adventure, and took me out to a restaurant that served Indian food. I was totally against it because I don’t like weird colored food, but it turned out to be pretty good. I think it is important to be open-minded and engulf myself in other peoples’ culture.

Before the game against the LA Sparks, the team does a song to pump each other up. Tina says the words, Dominique Canty and I keep the beat, and the rest of the team fills in the blanks with “it’s going down.” As you all know, Dominique couldn’t be there because of an unfortunate injury. So guess who “tried” to fill the void. Yes, Dawn Staley tried to keep the beat. I was telling you in my other entries that she would give you a chuckle if you saw her dancing, but her beat was all over the place. I was so wishing my beat partner was back, but you can always count on Dawn for doing all she can when it’s needed, even if it’s off beat (wink, Dawn).

After the game I caught up with my friend Tamara Moore of the Sparks. She told me about her business ventures and how she started a modeling agency. It just so happened that night she ran into Eva Pigford “Eva the Diva from America’s Next Top Model.” So it was pretty cool to meet her.

We went to San Antonio the day after the game to prepare for the Stars. San Antonio seems like a city that has a lot to offer. There is so much to do there. For example, there is a Sea World, Six Flags, the River Walk and so much more. I actually got a chance to see the River Walk and it was pretty cool. There were all sorts of restaurants that ran along side of it. Sancho, Roneeka, and I went to the Hard Rock Café to eat twice while we were there.

Yesterday, we had our game against Detroit and it was a tough one. For all of you that came thank you for your support. I felt really good about this game. Despite the loss, we really pulled together and really played hard. I think once we play hard for the whole 40 minutes and not 28-35 minutes we will become a more successful team.

Well I hope your week goes well and is full of good fortune.

Until Next time,

Mistie Williams #8

July 4, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Not much has happened since the last time I wrote, but I thought I would drop in a few lines before the team heads out to Los Angeles. We’ve had two games recently against the Mystics and the Monarchs. I was so happy we pulled out the win against the Mystics because both times we played them in Washington…well, it wasn’t a pretty picture. They are a very talented team, so I was thrilled with the win. I’m sure it was a great game for all of you fans to watch because it went down to the wire. Wasn’t that shot Tamecka Dixon hit to seal the deal amazing? I thought so, it was so smooth. The game against Sacramento was a good one as well! That game was important for us considering the standings for the play offs. I also want to thank all you fans for your support on Sunday! It feels good to know that you have the number one fans on your side chanting your name…you all are GREAT!!!

Our three games are going to be tough! The L.A. Sparks, San Antonio Stars, and Detroit Shock are all teams that have beat us, so I feel like we have something to prove against them all! I absolutely hate to lose, so I always feel more focused and intense when it is time to play teams that have gotten the best of us. When you lose it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I feel like the Comets are up and ready for the challenges we will face this week. I know next week will be a great time to tune in to because road trips mean interesting stories I can dish about my teammates.

I hope you all enjoy the Fourth of July! Make sure you eat some barbeque and watch some fireworks for me; I won’t have the chance partake in any festivities. Have fun and most importantly be safe!

Until Next Time,

Mistie Williams #8

June 29, 2006


I got a chance to meet up with my former teammate Monique Currie of the Charlotte Sting after our game last week. We went out to eat with some of her teammates, and had a really good conversation. Since it has been a couple months since our departure from Duke, I think we have developed something like “home sickness” except I would call it “school-sickness.” We talked about how much we really missed our coaches, the atmosphere, tradition, and most of all our teammates. I began to wonder if all rookies have this same feeling. So many of us come from our college programs as the “premiere talent” and have amazing winning records and accolades. Many of us are facing situations that we have never had to deal with. For example, Monique and I are used to winning ALL THE TIME, and now she has the challenge to help improve a team to becoming a dominate force in the WNBA. As I look back at what we have done at Duke, it was so easy to take winning for granted because we did it all the time.

Another example is playing time for rookies. I am sure that more than half of us are exploring new terrain in terms of playing time. This league is full of superstars like Tina Thompson, Lisa Leslie, Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and the list keeps going, so it is only realistic that we all have to wait our turn. I’ll be real with all of you, it wasn’t easy at first, but I can also attest to learning a lot about the game and the way it is played by watching. I remember when Monique tore her ACL and had to sit out a whole year, but she talked about how much she learned by watching us play and it ended up making her a better player. I never really understood what she meant, but I do now and feel blessed that I get to acquire this information without injury.

Monique and I also talked about the National Championship loss for the first time. Now, all of you are getting the information first hand! I haven’t talked to anyone about what it feels like to lose other than answering the question…Man! What happened? We both talked about how we never saw how it all transpired. At the moment we lost I couldn’t comprehend how it happened or better yet why it happened. Sometimes I still ask myself why it didn’t hurt then, but burns even more now! It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way! Monique said she still thinks about it all the time. When you lose by three it hurts a heck of a lot more than losing by 10-20 points.

Turning it all into a positive…we have the chance to pursue a WNBA title. Just knowing that I am in the WNBA, that I have the “opportunity” to achieve something that great is such a blessing. There are so many people that go to college, play basketball, and after they graduate… that’s it. They have to say “bye-bye basketball, and hello nine to five.” Not that a nine to five is terrible (especially if you love what you do), but if you love something so much it is hard to give it up for something else because you don’t have the “opportunity.” That is why I love what the WNBA stands for and what it does for the younger generations of women. It creates opportunity, opportunity to continue to do what you love for as long as you can and help others in the process.

I hope that you all see the importance of the WNBA, the positive things that come from it, and anticipate the league’s growth. I look forward to seeing you all at our next home game on Sunday, July 2, 2006 vs. Sacramento @ 5:00pm.

Until Next Time,

Mistie Williams #8

June 19, 2006

We just got back from a two game road trip and it didn’t exactly go as planned. We all know that winning on the road is a difficult task, especially since the New York Liberty and Detroit Shock play so well at home. We came home 1-1 and a realization that we all need to give a little more to become a more successful basketball team. I have always believed that you can learn a lot about yourself and a team through adversity and losses. Its easy to look over mistakes that are being made when everything is going in the right direction, but it shows a teams true character when they learn and rise above which is exactly what I think is currently happening to the Houston Comets. We are now faced with an enormous task, the L.A. Sparks in Los Angeles. They are a great team, but I guarantee that we will be ready for them!

One thing I love about the road games we have is the traveling that we do. We traveled plenty in college, but I did not have as much freedom as I have now. Every city that we have traveled to, I have gone out to explore what the city has had to offer. When we went to Washington D.C., I took the metro for the first time! I have always driven everywhere and occasionally took a bus when I was in middle school, but never experienced the underground transportation. The D.C. metro wasn’t what I expected! I thought it was going to be dirty and have all sorts of “interesting” people hanging around, but I was wrong, that happened in New York City.

I have been to New York before for the McDonald’s All-American Game, but we were not allowed to explore the city because we were too young to be out on our own. This trip was great! We stayed at the well known “W” hotel which was awesome. It had a beautiful set up and the atmosphere was fresh and modern. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. Of course when you’re in NYC you always see your share of famous people. Mario Winans stayed at our hotel and I saw Sway of MTV.

As far as touring, I called my former Duke teammate Carrem Gay to take me on a tour…more like take me to the good shopping spots in the village. Let’s just say that we had ourselves an adventure! We left from Times Square and headed for the village. We got on the nasty N train and didn’t get off on the right stop. Of course I had no idea of where we were going, but I got an idea we were going the wrong direction when the subway started to go over some water and saw the Brooklyn Bridge. All we could do was laugh; we ended up in Brooklyn instead of lower Manhattan.

The night after the game in NYC, I went out with a group of people including my agent for some dinner. We ended up going to this great seafood place that sold enormous lobster. These things were huge! They had claws that weighed up to 28 pounds! Of course I didn’t have any of that, but it was crazy to actually see something that big.

Before I end this weeks journal, I must tell you all a little more about Dawn Staley. Though this is her last season in the WNBA, I feel that she has a future in dancing...she can always be apart of Team NRG for the Houston Comets next season. She knows all the latest dance moves…and the old ones at that (chuckles). If any of you see her after the games just tell her to do the “bossy” dance or the “shoulder lean,” I’m sure she’ll give you a laugh or two. One more thing…this is for the current and future players of Temple, Dawn already told me that since she knows all the dance moves, she’s going to blame your mistakes and most of your unfocused moments on your nights at the club doing the shoulder lean. I’m just trying to warn you all! Sorry Dawn!

Until Next Time,

Mistie Williams #8

June 12, 2006

Greetings all you Comet Fans!

I trust everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. I wanted to take some time this season to let all of you in on my experiences as a rookie in the WNBA and what it is like being apart of the Houston Comets. It’s almost been two months since I have been in Houston, and I’d say that the first thing I had to get use to was the heat and humidity. The first couple days of training camp were tough because it was easy to get dehydrated and get cramps during practice. I’m use to it now, but there are days that are extremely too hot for me to even think about being outside.

Now that I am officially on the team, I have had a chance to get to know my new teammates on and off the court. At first, talking to Sheryl Swoopes, Dawn Staley and Tina Thompson was strange because they were people I looked up to when I was younger so I never knew what to say. I got over that pretty quickly though! Tina is a really good person with a great heart. She has really helped my transition from the college game to the professionals much easier! I feel privileged to play with her because I can learn a lot to improve my game. She also has the cutest kid, Dyllan! He just turned one and has a gigantic personality. I love it when he dances too! He has more rhythm than some people I know.

Dawn is a really cool person too! I bet all of the people a part of the Temple Women’s Basketball program just adore her. She is humorous in all types of situations. Sometimes before practice, she’ll sing or dance…believe me, it is hilarious! Just the other day she was singing her own rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” and attempting to do the dance associated with Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down.” It never fails, everyday she brings a smile to my face because she’s so full of life.

Sheryl Swoopes is also one who has made me feel at home with the Houston Comets. She calls me “Mitzi” because coach was calling me that for a while, but it’s cool. I call her “Shu-ryl” just to even the score. She’s fun to be around and not to shabby at basketball either… (‘Chuckles’).

My entire team is a great group of women who really epitomize what a role model should be for young girls to follow. They all work hard for what they have, and give back to the community! To me that is really important, and I feel privileged to be in this type of atmosphere.

I hope you all continue to check up on me and the rest of the Houston Comets throughout the “Drive for Five” season at Go Comets!

Until Next Time,

Mistie Williams