2005 WNBA Fan Forum Archive 2

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I think the 2005 MVP should be Sheryl Swoopes because the first half she had to carry her team without Tina and when Tina came back she still carried them. She has been one of more consistent player this season. She has also kept her team in the playoff race from the begin of the season.
-Latrice, Atlanta, CA

I def. This Diana Taurasi SHould get MVP. She is by far the best. I think the Sun will win the Chip! The playoffs are def. goin to be tough all these teams are coming in here to WIN! idk what to expect! GO MERCURY! holla
-Linda, Spring Hill, FL

My pick for the WNBA's 2005 MVP is Tamika Catchings she has been the heart and soul of her team she's always the consumate team player the way she carries herself both on and off the court and the way she totally dominates the game with both her inside and outside present. While there are many skilled rookies this season my vote goes to Temeka Johnson she reminds me of a young Dawn Staley always seeming to know where her teamates are on the floor. My vote for Defensive Player is Sheryl Swoopes without her I don't think the Comets would be making a post season appearance.My choice for Coach of the year is Mike Thibault.
-Marcia, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Just have to say that the Indiana Fever ROCK! I absolutely LOVE watching them play! Especially love watching Tully, Kelly M., Tamika, Tan, Ebony and Natalie...well...ALL of them. :) It is always a highlight in my week to go to a Fever game. Thanks for the fun and entertainment! Fever Fan, Lisa Deckert
-Lisa, Greenwood, IN

MVP Race? What MVP Race? The MVP of the league is clearly Lauren Jackson. LJ leads the WNBA in efficiency by over 3 points per game. By far the most consistent player, Jackson continues leading the Seattle Storm, and they are currently in 2nd place in the West despite Sue Bird being out earlier in the season with a broken nose and with Betty Lennox currently out with an injury. LJ has played through an ankle injury and has lead the Storm in overcoming the loss of two starters and a key reserve from the 2004 championship team.
- Nicole, Statesboro, GA

comments: Sheryl Swoopes should be the MVP, hands down. I think Tamika Catchings is pretty much a lock for defensive player of the year.
-Stacie, Houston, TX

Yolanda Griffith definitely deserves to be the 2005 MVP, because this season she has proven it with her play. In addition, the Sacramento Monarchs are going to be the 2005 WNBA Champions, because Sacramento is the BEST!
-Brandon Moore, Sacramento, CA

The Sun are on fire and will go all the way this year. They are the best team in the league and Nykeesha Sales should be the MVP! The Sun are a balanced, selfless team and all the players step up when needed. The playoffs will be a blast especially if the Sun play the Shock in the playoff round. Revenge will be sweet. "Unfinished business"!!!
-FitNut, Cromwell, CT

I think Becky Hammon deserves the MVP award, rookie of the year shoud be Chelsea Newton, and Most Improved should be Shameka Christon. LIBERTY IS GONNA TAKE IT ALL THE WAY! '05
-Courtney, Sayreville, NJ

I just want to say that i really enjoy watching the Monarchs play. They are my favorite team. Plus its really a joy watching my gurl DeMya Walker play. Mainly cuz i can study her moves and become a better player. But that is mainly it. GO MONARCHS!!
-Toni, St. Petersburg, FL

MVP = Deanna Nolan, Most Improved = Janell Burse, Rookie = Tameka Johnson. I think this has been a great year. Very good games and fun to watch. I hate to see the season end, but can not wait until next year. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs.
-Mike, West Columbia, S.C.

First of all, I'd like to congratulate all the WNBA players and Coaches & say Great Season! My pick for MVP this season is Tamika Catchings all by herself. Tamika is Awesome! My pick for Rookie of the year is defintely Tameka Johnson. Most Improved would have to be DeMya Walker(Great Job)! My prediction for WNBA Champion is the Sacramento Monarchs! Way to Go Ladies!!
-Fontrea, High Point, N.C.

I think Lauren Jackson deserves to be MVP because for the last couple of years she has been averaging a bit over 20. Also, her leadership on the court shows MVP quality and she has gotten 17 rebounds this year.
-Mai, Rosemead, CA

Hey, I think the MVP this year is Lauren Jackson. The storm were on the outside, but L.J. helped her team get back in it. I would like the Sun to win, but I think Seattle is the best team. I thought the Sun were best until they lost against New Yok at home. After seeing Lauren Jackson play Detroit a while back, I realized that Seattle is the better team.
-Christina, Winona, MN

My predictions are LA Sparks will make it to the playoffs and defeat Sacramento in the first round and then Seattle in the Western Conference finals to go all the way and upset the Sun in the WNBA finals. I think Lisa Leslie should get MVP again. She may not have the highest point or rebound average, but her steals and assists averages have increased. Therefore making her an overall threat.

I just want to say that Katie Smith rocks Detroit and she will be a Member of the Shock until the day she retires. Detroit Shock 2005 WNBA Champions
-DJ J*Shock, Auburn Hills, MI

Oh definitely Yolanda Griffith for MVP. She has led basically a rookie roster to the best team in the WNBA by pure example. Rookie of the year? Probably Tan White because even though (But she got more minutes) her team probably won't make the playoffs. The Storm will be lucky to beat Houston in the first round of the playoffs and will never get by Sacramento in the finals. They are not the team they were last year. As far as Sacramento vs. Connecticut...that's a tough one. Even though Conn. beat Sac both times this year, I kind of think Sac will prevail in a best of 5 tough-nosed series. The Monarchs are tough and good defense and rebounding usually lead to a championship.
-Mark, Minneapolis, MN

I think the MVP should be Tamika Catchings. The rookie of the year should be Temika Johnson of the Mystics. Most improved player should be Nicole Powell of Sacramento. I expect the playoffs to be full of surprises. Go Mystics!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Kisa, Nashville, TN

I think Taj McWilliams Franklin deserves a strong look at MVP this year as well as Lindsay Whalen! I think the playoffs are going down to the wire this year. I dont think you will see the Seattle Storm repeat, and do think the Sun have a great cahnce of winning if they play there top game!
-Lori, Quaker Hill, CT

I am far from a Liberty fan, but I can't believe anyone is considering anyone besides Ann Wauters for MIP this year. The way she has changed her game and actually become aggressive in the post has made all the difference for NY this year. Not only did her stats increase in a major way, it has been the lynchpin for the team in the middle, allowing Elena Baranova and Shameka Christon work far out from under the basket, where they are more effective. She should win in a landslide.

LJ is the best player in the league. She scores from 2 and 3 point line. She rebounds better than anyone, both offensive and defensive and with Sue Bird, they provide the best outside-inside game. I wish that the next WNBA champion will be either Sacramento ou Seattle. But I think that Connecticut has a great chance this year, I just hope that the Western Conference Champion will have be strong enought to beat them.
-MJF, Lisbon, Portugal

COACH GRAF deserves condiserations for coach of the year. She has pulled her team right into the middle of the playoff race, she has united a team that has had an inconsistent roster for the better part of the season. The Mercury have battled injuries, and roster changes all season and she has kept her team believing and fighting their way back into the playoffs.
-Mandi, Phoenix, AZ

My favorite team is the Seattle Storm and my favorite player is Sue Bird. I've watched her since she played at UConn and watched her get better and mature as a point-guard. I'm a point-guard also so watching her game grow and learning her strategies help me to get better also. I really admire her on and off the court. To me she's a great role-model.
-tiff-tiff, Los Angeles, CA

I think that Diana Taurasi is the BEST player ever! she is my...IDOL!!!! she has helped me so much by helping me be more dedicated and a better all around person. Although she is only in her second season, she has proven that she belongs in the league (olymipic gold, rookie of the year, etc). though she is on a not so good team as of right now you can already tell the impact that she has had. i think by the time she retires she will have made a huge impact in not only the league but basketball in general. I love you DEE!!!GO PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-LA, Austin, TX

Undoubtedly, the MVP this year is Sheryl Swoopes. If someone doesn't think that, then he/she has been living under a rock. Coming off a subpar season, many people felt that Swoopes should consider retirement. So much for that. She's leading the league in scoring, 2nd in steals, 10th in assists, and has been a leader without Tina Thompson for most of the year. Sheryl has carried the Comets in a season where many deemed a playoff berth for Houston improbable. Swoopes for MVP.
-Ejaz, Floral Park, NY

I think the most improved player should be ann wauters from the NY LIBERTY. She has shown such great improvement since the first game. Also the LIBERTY is going to do great in the playoffs. They have an outstanding point guard BECKY HAMMON.
-char, Albany, NY

MVP: Im partial to Loren Jackson, but if not her Swoopes would be the one. Im just glad that Lisa Leslie and her ego are not really in the running for it this year. Rookie: T. Johnson is running away with it only because the Sting have a track record of not knowing how to play the fantastic rookies they draft. Powell last year and McCarville this year. Improved: Burse has really stepped up her game. She made me like her. I was a huge Kamila fan and was pretty upset that Burse was going to be the Storm's starter, but I believe now. Playoffs: I thought that Phoenix made all the right moves in the off season and if they make it in to the playoffs. Look Out! but I am hoping my Storm will repeat. The East is all Whalen and the Sun.
-Ballhog, Seattle, WA

Nicole Powell should win Most Improved Player hands down. Last year she was in a bad situation in Charlotte and she was getting the minutes. Now she in Sacramento and is playing in her natural position at the small forward. Her numbers are up in every catagory especially points. She is one of the reason why Sacramento is in first place in the Western Conference.
-Jackie, Richmond, CA

Celebrating Girls' Night Out

My favorite memory at a WNBA game was when my entire basketball camp got to go to a Storm game on the last day of camp, and I remember my teammates and I just had so much fun laughing, and cheering, and then we got to go back to our gym and play ourselves. I think of it everytime I go to a Storm game now.
-Maddawg, Seattle, WA

My basketball team and I got tickets to see the new york liberty play and boy was it so much fun. We were all happy to be there and for me it was to see you BECKY HAMMON also when you signed our posters.
-Shenae, Hempstead, NY

Whether it's at home or on the road with the Fever, all memories are my favorite. Top 'o the list, getting on the same plane in Indy on my way to see them play in Minnesota and the whole team and staff was open to a little conversation and pics! My friends were so impressed.
-Diane, Indianapolis, IN

My best friend moved back to our home to our hometown in SC so I have been going to the games alone. However, I was able to meet my favorite player Tamika Catchins on Sunday. She was so pleasant and very patient with the fans. The game was awesome and I had great seats. The WNBA is the best!!
-Gabrialle, New York, N.Y.

One of my favorite memories was renting a suite and taking my 89 year old mother to the game for her birthday. She played BB in the 1920's and she loves to watch the women play today (although she thinks they're much to fast for her). We had food and friends in and they put her name on the Jumbotron and the Lynx rep gave her a gift pack. It was really a nice night.
-Darlene, Elko, MN

I went to my first WNBA game in 2003. I saw the New York Liberty play the Seattle Storm......all it took was game and I was hooked been a season ticket holder ever since. Thank You for this league and these players they make it fun and exciting to go to each and every game. Go Liberty!!!!
-Jenn, Totowa, NJ

My favorite memory is my very first WNBA game. My husband knows I'm a Swoopes fan so he took me to the games when the WNBA first began and he left to get something to eat and when he returned my eyes lit up because he had me a Swoopes jersey. Which I didnt think we could afford at the time. He knows I wish I could play ball and I love Swoops so he did it and I'll never forget that and also the Comets won. Go Comets, you're looking good. (Hi Swoopes)
-La Donna, Lancaster, TX

My Favorite memories from a game is when I brought my friend Bryn to her first game. We came early and we watched the players warm up, She wanted to get Amber Jacobs autograph but she was to afraid, so we both went down together,I had already met her so I was fine. She gave her 2 Autographs!! and we were so excited! Amber has always been my favorite player but now she's Bryn's too.
-Amie J., Rogers, MN

This is SO GREAT!!! I went to my first WNBA game way back in 97, driving from San Antonio to Houston to see the Comets play the Sparks. Now that Chicago is about to get a team, I can look forward to going with my girlfriends and even my husband to watch them play! I love how you're marketing to us women - I have appreciated the marketing to kids, but this new initiative is really great. Thanks for remembering us old folks too! :)
-Sarah, Grayslake, IL

With two deep drafts in recent years, the WNBA has gotten more physical, faster-paces, and generally more intense. This is awesome to watch. Unfortunately, the officiating has not caught up. This year, we are seeing more people getting hurt earlier in the season, more fights [percieved or real], and tons more frustration from the players. Officials are there to keep the rules, and the rules are for the safety of all involved. The WNBA has got to do something about the poor officiating. I'm a season ticket holder, and I watch all the games that are on TV. Across the board, no matter what city, the officiating is awful. The WNBA should stop this madness before something really bad happens. The WNBA has been known to be a place where parents and their kids go for good and safe entertainment. Fights and dirty basketball will not help the image of the WNBA. Curing this problem starts with better officiating.
-Dawn, Newton, MA

What's up with San Antonio letting someone wear Azzi's #8??? I protest!!!New York retired Wick's jersey didn't they? Azzi deserves to have hers retired for sure.
-Sheri, Tucson, AZ

I think that Diana Taurasi is by far the best point guard in the WNBA...not only does she have playing skills but she was leadership skills,a great personality, is very nice, and interacts with the fans during warmups and after games. I think thats what makes a great player, not only skill but also the person. Diana is a role model and i want to be like her when i grow up !!! much luv from nc !
-Kristin, Raleigh, NC

Nicole Powell is my cousin, and I wish I could see her(in person)! I wish she could get thes even tho she probably won't, but I want to let her know that I follow her games all the time (24-7)! I think that her and the Sacramento Monarchs are best!! I wish I could see you more often, Nicole. plus, I agree that we need a WNBA videogame because I would like to see what my cousin looks like.
-Meghan, Wrentham, MA

Celebrating Kids Week: Kids write in about the WNBA, their favorite teams and players.

Hello to all the WNBA players! All of you girls have been an inspiration to me. Me, still bgeing in high school, have alot of dreams that I hope to achieve really soon. I hope to be able to continue to play basketball and maybe (hopefully) it will become my profession. I have not been able to make it to any WNBA games but watch every single one on TV. Watching you all play has really inspired me to be all that I can be on the court and off. I learned that I can use the talents that God has given me not only on the court but to be a role model for some of the younger kids, just like you all are to me. I want to thank you ladys for having kids week I think that it is a good idea to show your support to your fans and to the kids who look up to you. So please continue to do what you do and coontinue to be the " ballas" tha you all are!!
-Jerrica, Clifton Forge, VA

Hi, my name is Jessica Johnson. I am a huge WNBA fan! My favorite team is the Los Angeles Sparks. My favorite player in the WNBA is Sheryl Swoopes. I have been playing basketballl for four years now, and to watch the WNBA is a big influence on me to become a better player so one day I can play in the WNBA! Go WNBA!!
-Jessica, Chantilly, VA

I loved Coop as a kid, but now it's DT#3.
-Betty, Copeland, FL

My favorite team is the Indiana Fever. My Favorite player is Tan White and Tamika Catchings
-Michelle, St. Louis, MO

My favorite player would have to be Diana Taurasi because she seems like an awesome all around person. We have the same personality...humorous, thats what i love most about her!
-Teonna, Smithsburg, MD

My favorite team is the NY Liberty. My favorite player is Shameka Christon. When I grow up I would like to be like my mom.
-Safiya, Newark, NJ

My favorite team(s) would have to be the Sacaramento Monarchs and the New York Liberty. My favorite
player is Kristin Haynie. Even though I'm 18, I still have growing up to do, so I think I want to be like Ruth Riley. She's sweet, couragous, kind, generous, attractive. Pretty much all the things I wanna be.
-Erica, New York, NY

My favorite team are the Los Angles Sparks! Also my favorite player has got to be Lisa Leslie. I think she is the greatest!!! I like a lot of the other girls to but, I like Lisa Leslie the best!!! Even though i am only 11 years old I want to become a really good player and maybe even play for the Los Angles Sparks!!!
P.S. Also if Lisa Leslie ever gets this letter(she probably won't) but if she does please tell her I think she is really cool and, not because she's famous but, because I think she is really COOL!!!!!!!
-Sammie, Loves Park, IL

My name is quayla and I love watching the WNBA and when I grow up that is what I want to play Basketball I currently play as a Freshman in high school and my next stop is college.
-Quayla, Douglas, GA

The Sacramento Monarchs are my favorite team. Nicole Powell is my favorite player. I want to be just like her because she is my cousin!!
-Meghan, Boston, MA

My favorite team is the Detroit Shock because well there just the best and have Ruth Riley. My favorite player is Lindsay Whalen because she is so tough and has no fear. When I grow up I want to play a college sport eather basketball or softball or even both thats my dream and I plan for it to come true but it will be hard work and to be in the WNBA. But if i dont get that I would like to be doing something dealing with sports.
-Kelly, Dearborn Heights, MI

My favorite team has to be the Seattle Storm for the western conference because since I live in New Hampshire, I would watch Sue Bird play at UCONN and she was my favorite. In the eastern conference I like the Indiana Fever because of Tamika Catchings. Tamika is very nice and signs autographs for everyone who wants one, and plays with so much love for the game. I admire Sue, Tamika and also Dawn Staley for her passion for women's basketball. I would love to be like any of them. I haven't been to a game in Seattle, or Indiana, but I have gone to the all-star game in New York and CT. I also went to the WBCA Night of all-stars in New Orleans where I got to meet all of them. There are so many great players in the WNBA and I admire all of them. (Swin Cash, Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, etc.)
-Megan, New Hampshire

I love the Housutan Comets. Every since I was a little girl and became interested in playing, the Comets has always been a great team to watch. I can remember when Cynthia Cooper and Sheryl Swoopes had that dynamic duo. I love the WNBA. I have dreams of playing in it one day!
-Cooperswoopes, Richmond, VA

My favorite team is Connecticut Sun!!! I really like Swin Cash I have everything of her's. She is also really nice. I would love to be like her.
-Katy, Springfield, MA

My favorite team is the Sacramento Monarchs. Yolanda Griffith rocks! I also got to see Team USA win at the Athens 2004 Olympics. They were awesome! I want to be like Nicole Powell, Stanford, then the WNBA here I come.
-Sophia (age 9), Rescue, CA

My favorite basketball memory is being a High-Five kid and getting to do a ball exchange at a great Mystics game with my friends. We won in double overtime and got autographs after the game. It was the best night ever!
-Mystic Mina, Silver Spring, MD

I'm 13 and my most favorite team is Seattle Storm.I love them!!!GO SEATTLE STORM!!When I grow up I want to be like Betty Lennox,well at least have style in basketball like her.She is my Idol and I respect her as well as all players in the WNBA.She also has my favorite number,#22.B-Train is a great player like I want to be.This Is OUR GAME!The WNBA!
-Jennifer, Tampa, FL

My favorite team is the La Sparks, and my favorite player is Chamique Holdsclaw. I look up to Chamique because she is a strong person who doesn't let obstacles stand in her way.
-Lazy15, Greenbelt, MD

My favorite team of course is my home team, the Washington Mystics. I love to watch and listen to the games. My favorite player without a doubt is Alana Beard because I like how she utilizes her talents in scoring,passing, dribbling and teamwork.
-Steph, Hyattsville, MD

My favorite WNBA team is the New York Liberty. My favorite memories are when one of my parents take me to Liberty and Rutgers games. My favorite players are Becky Hammon and Chelsea Newton. I want to be like both of them when I grow up, like going to a great school like RUTGERS and then play in the WNBA.
-Court, Sayreville, NJ

I attended the All-Star game at Mohegan Sun....home of the Connecticut Sun and also a casino/resort.I absolutely loved the crowd deafening noise when Diana Taurasi,Sue Bird,Nykesha Sales and Swin Cash were called out....reminds me of their UCONN days.The game was the best I've ever seen played by the most talented women on this planet....and Taurasi's 3-pointer shot from Mars and Lisa's (Leslie) one handed jam ROCKED THE HOUSE in awe!!
Thanks ladies....you are::: Simply The Best!
-Dave, Ansonia, CT

We, the fans of women's basketball, need a WNBA video game. So will someone talk to someone to help make that happen.
-FaNofGame, Holyoke, MA

I enjoyed the Allstar game, I thought it was a great game. And I loved that my favorite player, Swoopes, was MVP, but I have one gripe. I do not think the MVP should always be on the winning team. A person can have a MVP performance even in a losing effort. I thought Swoopes played a great game, but the stand-out player to me was Tamika Catchings. If the east had won she would have been MVP hands down. I just hate to see someone put out such a good effort and not be rewarded for it. The west had many great players any of which could have been named MVP.
-Pam, Florence, MS

How come the league didnt suspend diana taurasi for throwing elbows and knocking down people purposely against the mystics some games go.i know what elaine powell did was wrong but taurasi should have recieved some punishment as well along with a couple of teammates
-Drea, Hyattsville, MD

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Detroit Shock players would play with Ruth Riley as well as she sets them up and plays with them. If their guards could hit from outside they might have a decent team, but they sure like to shoot.
-Iolene, Rochester, IN


I would watch the all star game, but there is one issue. One of the best all stars of the season is not even voted to play-Lindsay "Legend" Whalen. I may be a little biased, but anyone with any sort of athletic I.Q can see that she deserves to be on the team. She has been playing exceptional basketball and is a true leader. I have been lucky to see her play at the "U" for all those years and after watching her play two games on tv, she is still the best player on the court. I think this "voting" needs to be investigated. I, and half of MN and Conn., voted for Lindsay every day online. Didn't Lindsay already prove that Ms. Beard can't hang in the same gym as her. That may be me, though. No offense to Ms. Beard and her beloved dukies. Lindsay is a BALLER.
-Dan, Alexandria, MN

Great game to watch! The players showed their talent, love for the game and each other. So much more fun to watch and be a part of than the Men's, with all due respect. The women made it fun for everyone!
-Ray, Austin, TX

The game didn't have quite the appeal without Lindsay Whalen. She's the best point guard in the East, quite possibly in the league. Her play has been so much a key to the success of the Connecticut Sun the past two years, and leaving her out was a joke, and a non-funny joke at that. She deserved being there as something other than a spectator, if not as a starter.
-Billy, Anchorage, AK

All-Star game was just that: ALL STARS! Great fun watching. How about DVD packaging the All-Star games? Great gift idea for the die hard WNBA fans (like me). So hard to catch game on tv - DVDs of the finals, seasons bests, etc. would be a treasure to have! Give us more than shirts ect. to remember those special games in the WNBA.
-SixFifty, Los Angeles, CA

I think that Alana Beard is the best under estimated player in the WNBA. I wish I could meet her so she could help me. Alana Beard will be the best player yet to come.
- Martika, Greensboro, NC

My favorite player is Nykesha Sales and I was glad to see her as an All-Star. Unfortunately, she didnt get a win but she played great! Much Luv to Nykesha Sales!
-Kenny, Hazel Crest, IL

Enough hype about Lindsay Whalen. The best guard in the east (and west for that matter) is Becky Hammon!
-Eric Rothman, Sterling, VA

Ticha IS an All-Star - she doesn't need the validation, but it would have been nice!
-Diana, Antioch, CA

Why not have a rookie all-star game (and slam dunk contest... heee heee heee) next year!
-Coolboo, Indianapolis, IN

All-Star 2005 Thoughts:

I believe chamique holdsclaw should be a starter next to lauren jackson. deanna nolan should start along with nykeshia sales. there's no way michelle snow should statr over lisa leslie or yolonda griffith. sue bird and dana taurasi is the ultimate backcourt.
-Don, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Have people been following the WNBA this year??? The reason I ask is that Swin Cash has received an outstanding number of votes for a player that has not been playing. Don't get me wrong I think she is an outstanding athlete and healthy quite possibly the best at her position. With the pool of talented women in the league to choose from I think it is a shame to vote for someone that at this time does not deserve the votes and snub those that do.
-Gina, Kankakee, IL

I enjoy voting, but it's frustrating to see ballot stuffing keeping the season's best players out of the starting lineups.
-EO, Granada Hills, CA

I do believe that Alana Beard belongs at the 2005 WNBA allstar game. She's a all around player. She's a great scorer and a great defensive player. She will be one of the best player in the WNBA in years to come. I really hope she will be an allstar.
Luvvy, Albany, NY

Ticha Penicheiro should definitely be in it this year b/c you guys got caught up in all the popularity with Sue Bird and now Diana Taurasi - no offense to them, they are both GREAT players, and of course they score a lot more than TP does. When I vote, I don't vote for my favorite players because everyone else is already going to vote for them so I vote for the other players who are also good but don't get too much recognition. All the best to the 05 All Stars. :]
-Sanela, Bronx, N.Y.

I think Nancy and or Doris have it about right. The All Star game is about players who have excelled in the first half of the season. Alot of fans vote for their favorites despite those players not having a great first half, or not having played a single game. What is best for the WNBA is for the best players to be in the All Star Game!
-Viickster, N.Y., N.Y.

Lauren Jackson is the OMEGA of womens basketball
-Michele, Burkburnett, TX

Well, I am looking forward to seeing Diana Taurasi and Delisha Milton-Jones after what happend in Tuesdays game
-Steffani, Ashland, OR

Swoopes there it is and Holdsclaw on the same team. It's like Jordan and pippen.
-Pippen, Tampa, FL

Dawn Staley and Allison Feaster absolutely deserve to go to the All Star Game. Dawn is the coach, captain and leader of the Charlotte Sting with incredible stats. Allison Feaster, if surrounded by a better cast of players, would be off to a much hotter start. Defensively Allison is always called on to guard the most offensive aggressive opponent and still manages to lead the team in scoring. It's Allison's turn to be recognized for the outstanding player she is.. on both ends of the court and with her intangibles of heart and forever being a warrior.
-Margaret, Charlotte, NC

I voted for Becky Hammon because of her work ethic and her ability to make the most out of what she has been given. She is a great leader and ammbasador for the WNBA and sports in general!
-Jennifer, New York

I can't believe the "experts" didn't pick Becky Hammon as a Guard for the East. She seems to be overlooked for most of her career. As a long time UCONN fan, it is sometimes hard for me to admit she probably has the best skills in the game. Offensively she is deadly inside and out, her passing is unbelieveable and her leadership is unmatched. I was always amazed that her old coach failed to notice the Liberty would always do better when she was in. The Liberty should be using their superior perimeter game, with a hosts of great outside shooters. It now appears Beck's points now come only on broken plays or on breaks.
-Pat, Hartford, CT

I think we should include the Rookie of the year and send a message to all Rookies. Send Tameka Johnson, Mystics to the All Stars. She is the hardest playing young leader and her stats speak for themselves. Thanks.
-Melita, Alexandria, VA

I am definitely looking forward to seeing my favorite player, Alana Beard. She can do it all, offensively and defensively. I think she and Tweety will be awesome in the back court for the East. With Catchings, Taj and Ruth, they can compete with the West All Stars.
-Shirl, Bahamas

I am a huge fan of the Houston Comets' Sheryl Swoopes. I love the way she plays the game. She definitely deserves to be were she is now as far as leading all players in All Star Balloting. She has play exceptionally well thus far this season. Go Comets!!!
-Chris or Sherman, Natchez, MS

I voted for chamique Holdsclaw because i believe that right now she is the MVP of WNBA. She is playing like the best player too. I also voted for deanna nolan because she brings her "A" game every night. i Voted for Yolanda Griffith as the best center right now, and i also voted for Temeka johnson because she is my favorite rookie.
-EB, Baltimore, MD

Sue Bird, no doubt the best point in the league, has a huge impact on the team without having to score.
-Kondor, Bolingbrook, IL

I voted for Penny Taylor because she is important to the Phoenix Mercury team. She doesn't get much attention because of Diana Taurasi.
-Cassie, Olmsted Falls, OH

Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes deserve to be in the WNBA All-Star Game every year they're in the league. These women have won WNBA titles and Olympic gold medals, along with Dawn Staley, playing against the best competition the world has to offer.
-Edrick, Jackson, MS

My #1 vote is Lisa Leslie - she is by far the most complete player in the WNBA. Ms Swoopes is the 2nd best in my book and gets my vote every time....
-Wanda, Baton Rouge, LA

I voted for every member of the connecticut sun i could, because they are a complete TEAM........period...NEXT.
-corey/reesee, new orleans, LA

I voted for Taj McWilliams Franklin because she is playing awesome ball and is on the team w/ the best record in the league. I think she has been overlooked for players who are popular. She deserves to play. I am surprised at all the votes Swin received since she has not played this season.
-Hersee, Cleveland, OH

Tamika Catchings deserves to be an all-star because she does everything for the Fever. She scores, rebounds, passes, and plays great defense. She is the most complete player in the league. She is also a great leader for the Fever and is a big reason why they are doing so well! Go Fever!
-Adam, Shelbyville, IN

I voted for Dawn Staley, Tamika Catchings, Nikki Teasley, Sheryl Swoopes, Ruth Riley, Ticha Penichero, Sheri Sam as a write in Yolanda Griffiths, Becky Hammons, Tangela Smith, and Chamique Holdsclaw. Not only are they all-stars on the court, but they are all-stars off the court. They are all great role models for children and women of all ages who have dreams of becoming professional atheletes. Keep up the good work ladies and good luck on the rest of your seasons.
-Nicole, Garner, NC

I am so excited and just waiting for the new Chicago Tean in 2006.
-Dee,Chicago, IL

I am a HUGE Comets fan - from the 1st season on. I travel to Houston each year to watch as many games as I can. Will the new WNBA president see to it that more games are televised on "real" tv and not some offbeat channel only 10 people in Texas subscribe to? HELP!!
-Cheri, Allen, TX

Can someone please tell me how much longer it's going to take for the"chemistry" to kick in for my beloved Charlotte Sting. We have incredible talent on our team and are sitting at 1 win and 7 losses. Never would I have imagined we would be at the bottom of the standings. Perhaps we could leave our starting 5 in for an entire quarter and maybe get the ball down low in the post and convert some inside shots to open up the perimeter for Feaster and Sam. Also, Kelly Manzantte was one of the premier outside shooters in college and now she may get 4 to 5 minutes in a game. Will Kelly also go away like Nichole Powell, Anna DeForge and Kelly Miller to another team to become a major factor? Help!
-Margaret, Charlotte, NC

I love women's basketball. I have followed Chamique Holdsclaw's career even since she played for the Tennessee Vols. I now live in LA and look forward to seeing her play at the Staples Center. She is the epitome of CLASS, Character and Substance besides being an excellent basketball player. I am not a FAN of many people, however, Chamique is a hero to me!
-Joe, Santa Monica, CA

$heryl $woopes is the best player in the WNBA she works hard as ateam player and team leader she's stepping up like the comets want to get A 5 Peat and she WILL BE THE WNBA MVP*!
-Nina "lil swoopes," Buffalo, NY

I have always loooooved the Washington Mystics, but this season doesnt look too promising, what with the loss of Stacy Dales-Schuman and Chamique Holdsclaw. Thank you for your time.
-Lace, Orrville, OH

The TV coverage stinks! How do you expect to increase interest in the league when fewer games are televised each season?
-Pam, Baltimore, MD

I really just want to say how excited I am by what I've been hearing come out of Donna Orender's mouth when she's taken the time to speak with the commentators at games all across the country. I really think the WNBA made an incredibly smart decision bringing her in. She seems to be in line with exactly what the league needs: expanding the brand. Not necessarily expanding the league (though I'm excited about the new Chicago franchise), but finding more fans so the league stays around FOREVER. And she's extremely passionate about it to boot! Kudos WNBA brass on a job well done!!!
-Notoriousliz, New York, NY

I have been a season ticket holder in Houston since the second year of the WNBA. I have always enjoyed basketball especially the WNBA (in contrast to the NBA) because of the obvious LOVE of the Game exhibited by the woman players. I am very happy to see that the league, for the first time in three years, will be adding another team next year. However, I think that in order for the league to continue to grow we must concentrate on the officiating (or lack there-of) present in the league. I know I express the feelings of many fans (in Houston and elsewhere) when I say that the officials so far this year have been of very poor quality. I think that it is an embarrassment to the league and very unfair to the players that play their hearts out every game. As a spectator I like to see fair and GOOD officiating. Furthermore we, as fans, demand it. I would welcome any comments and suggestions on how we, as fans, could help improve this problem, and hopefully allow the league to continue to thrive.
-Robert, Houston, TX

I am so sick and tired of Diana Taurasi. Do you know that there are other great players in the league? Everything is Diana Taurasi, Diana Taurasi. Those of us who live in other cities care just as much about our players. Let's have equal time for everyone.
-Swart, Kalamazoo, MI

Dads and Daughters Week Memories:

My favorite Dad and Daughter memory brings me back to the WNBA All-Star game in Phoenix, Arizona. I won a writing contest sponsored by the WNBA and my father and I won round trip tickets to and from Phoenix, free game tickets, and all the trimmings. I couldn't believe it when they called me to let me know we had won the contest. My father continues now to be a positive influence in my life, recently I had a child and he has been my backbone to continue to strive for greatness and to teach and raise my daughter as being the world to me. We really enjoyed the trip and it has given us one more thing to talk about around the table as we gather and remember this wonderful father's day. It wouldn't have been possible if there was no WNBA and if there wasn't a father like mine. TO all the father's out there keep doing what your doing and we will continue to show our love and appreciation to you the only way we know how by saying it over and over again... WE LOVE YOU!
-Michelle, Millington, TN

My favorite sport moment with my dad would be seeing my dad at every soccer game my freshmen year of college. The reason is because he never came to any soccer games when I played in High school. He only went to my basketball games. He is a great dad and I love to see him on the sidelines.
-Qualey, Benedicta, ME

My favorite memory is pretty simple: Friday night high school football games. My dad has taken me to almost every game of the local high school team since I was about 4 or 5 (i'm now 15). There's no one game that sticks out as the best, it's just the memories of spending time with my dad.
-Sarah, Columbus, OH

My favorite sports story with my somewhat famous dad "UCONN TED" the guy who sports the "Cat in the Hat" attire and gets the crowds cheering at the womens UCONN games for the past 10 years is when I was a freshman in high school in my very first game, the ball was tipped to me and my dad yelled, :Go, Tammy, Go!" and I did. I raced to the basket and scored the very first basket of my career for the other team!
-Tammy, Fremont, N.H.

BreAnna is fifteen and I have coached her team for the past seven years. More than the buzzer beaters that she has hit, I treasure the conversations we have had during rides to and from practices and games. It isn't about the wins and losses...its about learning to compete. She has played hundreds of games, and through those, she has learned the value of preparation, about focus, about total commitment. These are traits that will serve her well in life.
-Brett, Blue Springs, MO

I would love to share my great memories about my dad with you. I would like to say, "my dad taught me how to play basketball." However, my dad helped me with my English and World History homework and on Saturdays we play ball outside in the driveway. I love my dad because he is always there for me. Sometimes, I wish my dad would help my friends because their dad is never around. My dad always tell me, "Asia, if you want to leave this little town; you will need education first. Then we can practice the smooth 3pt shot (smile)." Sometimes, I don't want to hear that but I appreciate his help because I am rank number 3 in my freshman class.
-Asia, Livingston, AL

I'm a single Dad and my favorite sports memory with my Daughter happened during the 2002 Pinnacle Lions Club Championship Basketball Game. We arrived at the gym and my daughter Nicole was so pumped up that she shut her finger in the car door. I opened the door so she could get her finger out and it was flattened. We went back home having never went inside the gym. Nicole iced her finger, taped it up, and we headed back to the gym. We arrived just before halftime and the coach put her in the game. Nicole was awesome in that game, and her team brought home the championship trophy. I realized at that moment just how tough Nicole was, how hungry she was for that championship, and how much the game of basketball really meant to her. I am one proud and very lucky dad!
country: United States
-Jimmy, Pinnacle, N.C.

It was my first game ever. I was in junior high school. The ball was passed to me and there I went dribbling down the court in the wrong direction. I caught on and was able to redeem myself by taking it to the hoop and scoring. On the way home, my father looked at me and said, "Good game Joni, I am always proud of you!". Then, we burst into laughter. He is the best.
-Joni, Atlanta, GA

My favorite memory with my dad was the very first WNBA game I performed at. We love going to games together, but this put it at a whole new level. We were so happy watching the game together analyzing everything, screaming for the team. Then to see the proud look on his face when I got back...it was a day that I will never forget.
-Rebecca, La Puente, CA

My favorite moment with my dad was Game 3 of last years finals in Seattle. We had season tickets the first year in 2000 and decided to get them again in 2004. When the final buzzer sounded and the Storm won it was as if we won the Championship. We both lost our voices from screaming so much. We were jumping around and hugging each other. It was so great to experience the Storm's season and especially with my daddy.
-Patrice, Kent, WA

My dad supports me in everything I do whether it's school work or my sports. In basketball he will tell me what I am doing wrong and hepls me out in our driveway. We always play one on one and doesnt get mad when I beat him by two:) I love my dad and he is the best coach/father. Thanx dad,
-Sgoose, Davenport, IA

My dad new how much of a Sue Bird fan I was, so he surprised me with a plane tickest and a game tickest to go watch Sue play. Not only did I get to spend time with my dad, but Seattle won!!
-Nicole, Wexford, PA

I adopted my daughter Ruth Riley as the middle of three adopted children when she was 9 years old. Fourteen years later, I was honored to be in Athens to see her win the Olympic gold medal on her birthday. I played some sandlot ball with her and her sister Rachel (Both played together on North Miami's high school team when they won the sectional championship). Although I played more ball with my youngest son Jacob!
-Michael, Bunker Hill, IN

When my dad drove us all the way to Los Angeles just to see my favorite team play the Sparks, but the game ended up being in Houston. I felt like Ikind of let him down, but he took us to the beach and made my day worth my while.
-Bre, Victorville, CA

Every Thing I Do With My Dad is A Best Memory For Me. I Love Him More Than He Knows.
Love U Big Duck, from Lil Duck.
- Mz A, St. Pete, FL

One of my favorite times wit my dad was my last jv game, we were down by 1 and i got fouled. i missed both my foul shots and i lost the game. But my dad just helped me up off the floor and gave me some tips and the next day he helped me with my shots in the driveway.
-Alicia, Bridgeport, CT

The best basketball moment I shared with my dad was when we won our summer league championship. At the time he was coaching me and I believe we were also undefeated that same season. Still to this day my dad is always coaching me. We can never just shoot around with out me getting coached. Sometimes I may not like it but I know its for my own good. Luv Ya Dad!!!!!!
-Tara, Rocky Mount, NC

My favorite sports memory is playing driveway basketball with my daughter, Megan. Although always the smallest player on her teams, Megan has great basketball instincts, and recently won a state free throw shooting competition.
-Rich, Lawrenceville, GA

I got married in Las Vegas in August 2003. On my wedding night instead of going back to the hotel with my new husband I went up to the hotel sports bar with my dad to check the Lynx score! Thankfully I have a very understanding husband because a week later when the Lynx made their first playoff appearance my husband and I were in a very elegant restaurant on our honeymoon and my dad was giving me play by play on my cell phone while we ate because I wasn't able to make it back for the game! The WNBA is a great bonding experience for any father/daughter team, I know it's brought my dad and I closer...GO LYNX!!
-Nikky, Hudson, WI

Wow, the best memory that i have with my father, was about 3 years ago. It was my last year on my varsity elementary school. It was teh CYO Championship versus our hated rival, Xavier. There was about 12 seconds left and we were down by one piont in the game and we called a time out. I went over to my father for some advice. He told me advice that i will never forget. "It doesn't matter if you lose, winners never quit and quitters never win." After that i knew i had to win. We came out of the timeout and they drew up a play for one of our guards. The play didn't work but i got the offensive rebound put it up and we won the game. I ran over to my dad and thanked him for everything. I will never forget that day. St. Frances de Chantal Bronx CYO Champions.
country: United States
-Tiana, Bronx, NY

Some of the best memories I have with my dad are of us playing bball in the driveway ... after I had played a big game @ school, in the rain, when it was dark outside. He never got upset and always encouraged me to do my best.
-Lorin, Tampa, FL

When i was 10 my dad took me to my first WNBA game it was the Sparks against the Washington Mystics. I thought that i was the luckiest girl in the world because he sad that he had a big surprise for me and when the game was over he had gotten one of he friends to let me meet Lisa Leslie my idol when i was 10 now i am 14 and i will never forget that day.
-Lauren, Duluth, MN

My favorite memoriy that i have w/ my dad is every time we play basketball together even though i smoke him it's nice 2 know he cares about my dream of being a pro basketball player in the WNBA.I love my dad , and i always will.
-Vivian, Bowling Green, OH

My favorite experience with my father is that he came all the way down from Maryland to Hammond, La to come and see us (Southwood Lady Cowboys) play for the championship game! We won and we all went out to eat and me dad was able to share this wonderful experience with me!
-Jasmine, Shreveport, LA

The best sports memory I shared with my dad was probably when we just finished playing one on one, and I beat him for the first time, but immediatly after that I was pitching to him. On the first pitch I cut his head open and he had to get stitches. I guess it was payback time for beating him...
-Clare, Grosse Pte. Farms, MI

I took my daughter to her first NBA game back in March of 2002. It was a game at the Fleet Center in Boston. The Celtics were playing the Charlotte Hornets. Over the past 13 years I have not watched alot of NBA games. The reason why I don't watch as often now is because, I beleive the game has changed alot from the Larry Bird era. However, that Friday night was special to me at the Fleet Center. The Celtics were getting killed by the Hornets. If I had gone to the game with some friends, I am sure that I would have left the game early to beat the traffic home. I did not watch much of the game. However, I had the most fun at that game because of my daughter. She was watching the game at the edge of her seat, asking me alot of questions about the game and it was alot of fun for me to tell her. I had the best time watching her, watch the game. She devloped such a interest of the game. She decided to tryout for a traveling team in the 3rd and 4th grade league. I also had the good fortune to be able to coach her team. She has become a very good outside shooter. my hope is that she will continue her interest in basketball.
-Mike, Pembroke, NH

My soon to be 10 years old granddaughter and I both share the love of basketball. I am a soon-to-be-retired High School basketball coach; she is a player. She plays basketball and is always asking advice about her game, how to shoot and dribble. She insists that I come to her games and critique her games. I send this as her father, even though I'm known to her as PawPaw, because I am the only father she knows and depends on for male guidance.
-Luther, Tulsa, OK

I have had wonderful times with my dad. I always like watching games with him. That is special to me. I love playing with him and I won't to thank him for keeping me and introducing me to athletics!
-Jaleesa, Elm City, NC

My daughter is 5-1/2 and is a HUGE Seattle Storm fan. At the June 4th game, during a break in the action, she looked at me thoughtfully and asked how old the YOUNGEST player on the Storm was. I looked at the roster we had and told her that the youngest player was 21-1/2. She turned her back to me for a few moments (so I wouldn't see her counting on her fingers :-) while she figured out that the youngest player on the Storm was 16 years older than her. Then she turned and looked at me with a VERY serious look on her face and said "Well... I have A LOT of time to practice then."
-Chris, Burien, WA

My favorite sports moment with my daughter was the very first liberty game at the garden,we shared moments of laughing ,yellind defense and cheering the liberty girls threw good times and even during our losses we still stood by thier side,this beginning turned out to be the beginning of a long relationship with the wnba,it lead me to become a season ticket holder,and i am very happy to still share good moments with my daughter ,as the liberty grow stong so does my relationship with my daughter who is now 13 and wants to become a female basketball player,i also thank the liberty players who always take time out to greet thier fans, it really means alot to us.
-John, Bronx, NY

My daughter amazes me everyday with her accomplishments in school and sports. Her unselfish dedication to her family and friends is remarkable for a girl that is 11 years old. I will always remember the day of her birth as the best day of my life...
-Tim, Brick, NJ

My dad goes through so much. He has had two back surgery's, 1 neck surgery, 1 heart surgery, and a few heart attacks. But, he still finds the time everyday to take good care of us. Even if it is hard on him, he still struggles through it, to see us play a game, or take us where we need to go. Even if he had other things to do, he stops what he is doing, to help us and make us happy. He is the best dad in the world! I love him!
country: United States of America
-Christine, Florence, KY

My favorite times with my dad can only happen from Friday through Sunday.My dad works the whole week, he has TWO jobs.I love going to stores with him on the weekend.I tell him things that happen at school that I wouldn't tell even my mom.I LOVE my dad so much.I hope he will always be there for me!!!!
-Jazzy, Austin, TX

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