This is Lynx veteran Teresa Edwards' time of year. Having appeared in five Olympic Games as a member of the U.S. Women's National Team, it is nearly impossible to watch an international game and not see Edwards, one of the most decorated athletes in history. She has appeared in nearly twice as many Olympic contests for USA Basketball than any other American and has four gold medals.

There may not be a more qualified player anywhere in America to talk about the U.S. Women's Olympic Team than Edwards. While she may not be in Athens with the U.S. this time around, she is watching from Minnesota and cheering on her former teammates. Over the span of two days, fans sent in more than 250 questions ranging from the Olympics to the Lynx playoff chances to longevity.

Thank you for the joy you brought as an Olympian and the joy you continue to bring to the WNBA. Your competitive passion for the game is second to none. Question: Which player do you think might match or surpass your Olympic longevity?
-Murph (Detroit, MI)

"So hard... just being around the players these days, some of them are starting in older than I did. Taurasi may have a chance."

Growing up in Georgia, I watched you play basketball and idolized you and dread the day you stop but what do you see yourself doing after basketball? Are you interested in coaching? I would love to see you coaching UGA one day.
-Alicia (Tampa, FL)

"At this time I have no desire to coach. I would like to own my own business or start creating broadcasting projects surrounding women sports."

Hey Teresa, you're awesome!! When you look back to your Olympic games, besides winning the gold, what were some of your favorite parts of the Olympics? You are doing awesome!
-Allie (NJ)

"Once you get the gold medal you leave all the relationships you made and the hard work that paid off. So it is like a quick high and a quick low. I miss the camaraderie with the teammates and all the hard work we put in together and working together for a gold medal."

Hey Teresa, I've been a fan for awhile and really enjoy watching you play. I was wondering if the Olympic committee would have asked you to be on the team would you have gone?
-Lynn (San Diego, CA)

"I probably would have not gone just to sit on the bench. I would have given another kid a chance. I feel like it was time to move on and give another kid a chance instead of just being in the way."

Dear Teresa,
With the U.S. Women's National Team dominating the competition in Athens, and the U.S. Men's "Dream Team" struggling, do you think the WNBA will finally get more of the respect and attention it deserves - and maybe some new fans, once the WNBA season resumes in September? I, for one, hope so! As a guy, I am proud to say I much prefer the women's game to the men's. Maybe in 2008, when the media touts a new Olympic "Dream Team," names like Taurasi, Cash and Catchings will be associated with that title. Thanks very much for your time, and congrats on an amazing career!
-Todd (Southbury, CT)

"I'm hoping that we do. I have always thought women deserve more attention than we get regardless of how the men are doing. I think we have always deserved more attention than we get but not necessarily more than the men."

Hey, Teresa, How do you feel about not playing in the Olympics? Do you think they will bring home the gold? I hope so, will talk to you later. Good luck in the WNBA.
-Felicia (Mobile, AL)

"I hope they bring the gold home and not get arrogant; we are winning too easy right now. I feel we have enough experience and youth to bring it home." Hey Teresa. How far do you honestly think your WNBA team can go this season? The league is thinking of putting a new team somewhere next season, if you could choose, where would you like to see a new team and why? Are there any things league/team/rule wise that you would change too? Good luck this season.
-Jarrett (Dallas, TX)

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't think we could go all the way. I would choose Chicago. I like Chicago and I think they could use another team. I think it's a great area and Jordan set a tone there. I would change a lot especially the salaries first."

It seems that you have done so much for the game of basketball for women and men. you have been a great inspiration and motivator to me throughout my life of knowing who you are as a player. how do you stay so humbled knowing that today, you don't get as much respect and notoriety as you should from the women's professional world of basketball, dignitaries, and fans?
-April (Peachtree City, GA)

"By the grace of God I stay humble, because he sure keeps blessing me."

Two questions. 1. What team do you see as the most serious competition for Team USA? and 2. Which two of your Lynx team members would you guess will be in the next Olympics?
-Lois (Minneapolis, MN)

"Australia will be the toughest competition we are going to face. They are the only ones that could threaten for the gold medal. The Russians might surprise everyone and play over their head but they are not good enough to beat us. As for my teammates, that would be hard to guess but I think Ohlde and Svet."

Being that you are a five time Olympian, how have you stayed in shaped for all of these years?
-Victoria (Akron, OH)

"By doing my hardest never to get out of shape, and the grace of God."