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“Black History Month means power. That’s the No. 1 word that comes to my mind. I think we as black people have come a long way and we’re still on our way up. I think it tends to get overlooked for the color of our skin. That power means a lot to me being an African-American female, doing what I’m doing, connecting with so many people of different races, ethnics and religions, and to bringing all of them together… and they don’t see a color, or necessarily even a gender. That’s special to me. I feel powerful, like I’m on this Earth to do one thing, and that’s to connect people. Bring people together. If that’s on the basketball court, cool. If it’s off the court, even better. God put me in the situation to be who I am, to encourage all the people around me to just be powerful, independent and push anything that they’re going through.”