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Following is a list of Core Players, Reserved Players, Restricted Free Agents and Unrestricted Free Agents that were on team rosters at the end of the 2018 season. Teams can begin to negotiate with their own Core and Reserved Players and any Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents on January 15. As of February 1, teams and players can finalize deals and sign contracts and offer sheets.

CORE PLAYERS – The following players have been designated by their teams as Core Players. The Core designation gives that team exclusive negotiating rights with the player. Players can receive a Core designation only four times in their career.

DeWanna Bonner (PHX)
Tina Charles (NYL)
Glory Johnson (DAL) *Re-Signed with Wings
Maya Moore (MIN) *Re-Signed with Lynx (will not play in 2019)
Jasmine Thomas (CON) *Re-Signed with Sun
Courtney Vandersloot (CHI) *Re-Signed with Sky

RESERVED PLAYERS – Players with three or fewer years of service are considered to be Reserved Players. The player’s prior team has exclusive negotiating rights.

Lindsay Allen (LVA)
Anna Cruz (MIN)
Blake Dietrick (ATL) *Re-Signed with Dream
Cayla George (DAL) *Re-Signed with Wings
Linnae Harper (CHI) *Re-Signed with Sky
Astou Ndour (CHI)
Sonja Petrovic (PHX)
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe (NYL)
Angel Robinson (PHX)
Mercedes Russell (SEA) *Re-Signed with Storm
Karlie Samuelson (LAS) *Re-Signed with Sparks
Asia Taylor (IND) *Re-Signed with Fever
Kayla Thornton (DAL) *Re-Signed with Wings
Marianna Tolo (LAS)
Yvonne Turner (PHX) *Re-Signed with Mercury
Marta Xargay (PHX)
Cecilia Zandalasini (MIN)

RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – Players with four or five years of service are considered to be Restricted Free Agents. Restricted free agency gives the player’s prior team the right to keep the player by matching a contract offer the player signs with another team (Right of First Refusal). If the player signs a contract offer with another team, the player’s prior team has four days from the date it receives the offer to determine whether it wishes to match. If the offer is matched, the player will remain with her team. If the offer is not matched within the four-day period, the player will be under contract with the offering team.

Natalie Achonwa (IND) *Re-Signed with Fever
Rebecca Allen (NYL) *Re-Signed with Liberty
Brittany Boyd (NYL)
Natasha Cloud (WAS) *Re-Signed with Mystics (NYL offer matched)
Damiris Dantas (ATL) *Signed with Lynx
Jamierra Faulkner (CHI) *Re-Signed with Sky
Chelsea Gray (LAS)
Dearica Hamby (LVA) *Re-Signed with Aces
Cheyenne Parker (CHI) *Re-Signed with Sky
Odyssey Sims (LAS) *Re-Signed with Sparks (PHX offer matched)
Erica Wheeler (IND) *Re-Signed with Fever
Amanda Zahui B (NYL) *Re-Signed with Liberty

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – An unrestricted free agent is free to sign with any team provided that she is not designated as a Core Player by her prior team.

Seimone Augustus *Re-Signed with Lynx
Alana Beard *Re-Signed with Sparks
Rebekkah Brunson
Essence Carson *Signed with Mercury
Karima Christmas-Kelly *Signed with Lynx
Marissa Coleman
Sydney Colson
Monique Currie
Jelena Dubljevic
Adaora Elonu
Briann January *Re-Signed with Mercury
Shenise Johnson *Re-Signed with Fever
Betnijah Laney *Signed with Fever
Crystal Langhorne *Re-Signed with Storm
Erlana Larkins
Maggie Lucas
Sancho Lyttle
Alex Montgomery
Devereaux Peters
Cappie Pondexter
Alexis Prince
Epiphanny Prince
Allie Quigley *Re-Signed with Sky
Noelle Quinn
Leticia Romero
Tierra Ruffin-Pratt *Signed with Sparks
LaToya Sanders *Re-Signed with Mystics
Krystal Thomas
Kia Vaughn
Riquna Williams
Shavonte Zellous