Trevor Jackson Excited for All-Star Game Performance

16-year-old phenom Trevor Jackson will be performing live at halftime during the Boost Mobile 2013 WNBA All-Star Game. The multi-talented actor and singer, from the TV show Eureka and his hit single ďLike We Grown,Ē will be debuting a new single during the performance. He chatted with about his career, his love for the game of basketball, and plans for the halftime show.

Sean Hans, What can fans tuning into the WNBA All-Star game expect to see when you take the stage at halftime?

Trevor Jackson: They can expect to see some of the first songs I put out, such as ďLike We Young,Ē as well as a new song Iím super excited to perform. We just shot the video a few days ago so Iím really hyped about the song. Itíll be a great performance, high energy, a lot of dancing. What are some things youíre doing to prepare for the performance?

Jackson: I want everything to be the best it can be. Weíre just working on the moves, sharpening it up, making sure weíre all together and on the same page. Iíve just been singing the songs over and over in my head to make sure that Iím fully prepared. Youíve performed at the McDonaldís All American game, what are some of the differences about performing during a game as opposed to an organized concert?

Jackson: The McDonaldís All American Game was really cool because all the kids playing in the game are on their way up, ascending, working towards the NBA. And Iím in the same place doing music so it was really cool to perform with them while we were at a similar point in our careers. Itís a very different crowd when performing during a sporting event. But when I went there I got a lot of approval and people appreciated my performance and what I do. Iíve read that basketball was your favorite sport growing up, how often do you still get to play?

Jackson: I really donít get to play enough, so the times that I do I savor it. When Iím with my family and when I get to go back home my siblings and I head to the Boys and Girls Club and play for hours. Since the day we were born our father had a basketball in our hands, so we just want to play any chance we get. Thereís nothing better than playing basketball with your family in my opinion. Your hometown Indiana Fever is the defending champs. Itís been an incredible season thus far, thereís just so much talent out there with these women. Have you had a chance to watch some WNBA this summer?

Jackson: As busy as Iíve been I have been able to catch a little bit here and there. Iíve definitely seen some of the highlights and caught some of the games on TV. It is crazy to see the amount of talent out there this season. These women have been able to accomplish their dreams playing in the WNBA. Theyíre a huge inspiration to everyone out there. They give millions of little girls out there a role model to look up to. Are there any players youíre really looking forward to meeting All-Star weekend?

Jackson: Iíd really want to meet Skylar Diggins. Iím from Indiana so I got to catch some of her games back when she was at Notre Dame and sheís been great this year as a rookie. It would be really cool to get to meet her. So as great a singer and dancer as you are, you have another talent, and thatís acting. In the past year youíve had the hit Sy-Fy series Eureka finish up after a two-year run for you on the show, as well as the very successful Disney movie, Let It Shine. Whatís the next role coming up; do you have anything in the works?

Jackson: I donít have anything in the works as of now, but Iím definitely staying open to any projects. Anything that seems perfect Ė if the timing is perfect and the role is perfect then Iím definitely open to it. Thereís so much going on right now with the music that weíd have to pick the right role. But I love to act; I love all entertainment, period. Youíve released the video for your single, ďLike We Grown,Ē which already has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. Whatís the long term plan with your music? Are you working on an album?

Jackson: Weíve been working hard on the album and weíre actually almost done with it. It should be released no later than March or April in this upcoming year. Iíve been nonstop in the studio, getting the best records, just really trying to make the best album I can. Long term thereís no real way you can plan for the future, but I just want to continue to put out good music to change the world. I recognize that God put me here for a reason, and thatís to inspire people to do what they love for the better. Well Trevor itís been great talking with you, before we go, is there anything else youíd like to say to your fans out there who are looking forward to your performance?

Jackson: Please tune in or come out if you can! Itíll be an incredible game with all that talent, and weíre going to try to give a great performance to match that. Thereís going to be a lot of dancing, high energy, weíre going to have a good time. If you come down youíll get great basketball and a great performance. I also just want to thank everyone for the support. We have a lot of incredible material in the works for all of you. We have a great video coming out soon so stay tuned for that. Thanks for everything, I truly appreciate it and Iím looking forward to taking the stage July 27th!

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The Boost Mobile 2013 WNBA All Star Game will be hosted by the Connecticut Sun on July 27 at 3:30pm EST on ABC.

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