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Russian Into The New Year

A New Year: A New Blog.

The last time updated, I had a countdown for Christmas break going. But NOW Im back in action and excited with this New Year! .

Going home for two weeks was lovely! Im not sure when I last had that long of a break to spend with my family and friends for Christmas and the New Year. I took advantage of each day by spending it in three different states: Kansas, Georgia and Florida. .

For Christmas I was in Kansas with my family and friends. I spent a lot of time with them and enjoyed their company. The day after Christmas, I took off to Atlanta for a couple of days to hang with my daddy. After being in Atlanta, my daddy and I headed south to Florida where I spent the rest of the week and celebrated New Years Day in Miami with some friends. This Christmas and New Year definitely topped previous years!

After my break came to an end, I headed back to Slovakia and got back to work. Having a vacation from basketball for two weeks made me miss playing a little bit. Currently, we are in third place with a 7-5 record. Playoffs are right around the corner and with our last win over Taranto  a Euroleague team from Italy  we have locked in a playoff spot, which is a huge deal for this club this year considering our loss of three players.

As Im sitting in this airport in Moscow, headed back to Slovakia from losing a tough game by three points to a very talented team called Spartak, coached by Pokey Chatman, Im trying to stay awake to let you know how that trip went. Because this trip to Moscow was my first, I thought it would be a good experience to see the popular Red Square and some of downtown. Luckily for me, I have a teammate from Russia who was able to give us a tour of her city. After our game, we took the Metro downtown and walked two blocks in minus-12 degree Celsius weather to check out the Kremlin, which is a huge historical site in Russia. It was a beautiful place. It almost looked unreal to me because of how everything was so structured and designed. .

I learned a lot about Russia. It took me all the way back to history class my freshman year in high school. After the tour, we decided to take a taxi back. Russians really dont use a taxi service. Here they usually hitch rides from random drivers. I was extremely nervous with sticking my thumb up on the side of the road and having a random stranger pull over and scoop us up and take us to our hotel. I prayed the whole time to make it home in one piece. Other than that, I had a good time in Moscow.

Alright!!! Time to wrap this up before I start writing gibberish because Im TI-red!! Going on nine hours of sleep in three days equals No Bueno!! Im ready to touch down in Slovakia, hit my BED and get ready for another tough week of basketball. We play an away game in our Slovakian league Saturday, and then we play Lattes Montpellier, a Euroleague team from France, on Wednesday. We have something to prove to this team after a horrible loss at their place earlier this season.

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Until next time, Danielle McCray.