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Lady In Lyon

Greetings all you Connecticut Sun Fans! I pray all is well with you after weathering Hurricane Sandy! I hope that the aftermath wasn't too much for you all to handle, and if so, I encourage you to stand strong and keep pushing. All things work for good!!! No matter how it looks! I remember going through Hurricane Ike when I was playing for the Houston Comets!!! Amazing how the simplest things can be the biggest pains when you don't have themrunning water being one of them! However, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!

So while all of you were dealing with Mother Nature, I have been across the pond in the Land of Lyon. I currently am playing for Lyon Basket Feminine in France! I have been here for two weeks now and I do have a lot to share with you all! The question is, where exactly do I start? Before we get to the basketball aspect of my life; I'd like to share some of my inner workings of living overseas.

Interior Decorating
I have signed a three year contract with this team, so I decided it was time to invest in some home furnishings. You have to realize that as a traveling athlete, we don't always get the best of situations when it comes to a place to live. I'm sure if you are Sue Bird, Lauren Jackson, Tina Charles or any other "Megastar" in the basketball field, their place is really nice. HOWEVER, that is not ALWAYS the case!!!! So I got a place that was "workable." That's all I can say. I have been taught if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

The positive side of this all is that just down the road about 10 minutes is an enormous IKEA!!!! My creative juices always start flowing in that place, and I always believe I have a future in interior design after 20 minutes of brainstorming! Anywhoo, I decided on black, white and teal for my color palate. You'll also have to imagine some stained wood as well! We shall call it 'Toasted Almond.' Don't you just love that name for a color? Sounds appetizing!

I obviously went 100 percent and just got everything I wanted!!! I figure if you do something, why not commit completely? That's my theory to life. If you're going to do something, give it your all or save yourself some time and don't even start! So after five days of shopping, six hours of work in assembling, and another couple of hours for cleaning, I can say I'm VERY happy with the results. So happy in fact, that I smile at the thought of going home! Something about being comfortable and calm in your own space! It's been a while since I have felt like that!

Some interior shots of the apartment

Big City Living
I live in the third largest city in France, which is actually known as the original "City of Lights." About 1.5 million people live here, and there is a lot to do and so much to see! HOWEVER, I don't like big citiesI only like to VISIT them!!! Oh the traffic! Oh the busy-ness! Oh the noise! I just can't cope!!! I am a small town girl and I like the quiet and quaintness of more intimate cities! Just to be able to go outside and sit on my porch and enjoy a hot cup of Dammann Tea and a book without the honk of a horn, or smells of car fumes would be nice! I guess that is why I didn't mind living in Connecticut this past summer! All the trees, all the green land, the ocean breezes in Watch Hill, R.I., and the amazing views of Mohegan Sun while driving over the bridge. I really just enjoy nature, and that is something big cities just cannot do for me! I guess its my inner hippie! (Smile).

Excuse Me? We Are Wearing What???
So in the Land of Lyon, in the world of basketball, my team believes it is important for us athletes to keep our femininity. So what says femininity like a dress? I would completely agree! There is nothing more attractive than for a woman to wear a dress that accentuates every great part about her body! The female body is a work of art and should be honored with things that enhance its beauty! HOWEVER, on the basketball court?!?!?!? I am not so sure I buy into the idea of strutting my stuff in a made-for-Serena-Williams tennis type dress. Not only do we not play tennis, but none of us have a body like Serena (or her assets) to really and truly pull this off! What's even funnier is that the man who designs her dresses is the same one who designs ours!!!! Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter what I think because we ARE wearing them!

I actually had a friend ask me if I felt too "girly" on the court while playing in my dress. She felt like if she were to wear it, she couldn't be as aggressive or get into the right mindset to play basketball. Truth be told, I thought the exact same thing before I got on the court! I found myself primping a little bit more than usual, and debating if I should wear knee high socks or low socks to show my legs. LOL! Yes, I actually just shared that information! It's just the inner workings of me - enjoy! However, when I got on the court, my mindset was exactly where it was suppose to be! I have to admit, wearing the spandex uniforms last year probably prepared me for the dresses this year. The only thing that really bothers me is the length of my skirt  its a bit too long! When I go in for a lay-up I feel the tension of the skirt stretching. I believe I may have to make some alterations and take it up an inch or two - RISQUE!!! I'm sure the fans won't be devastated by two more inches of skin!!! How could they be?

The best part of all of this is that we are winning! We are currently tied for second place with three other teams! Last week we beat Bourges which is HUGE in the basketball world! They are the POWERHOUSE in France and are great contenders in Euroleague! Not to mention, they have three silver medalists from last summers Olympic Games!!! So that should show you all how AWESOME it was to take that game!!! The score was 44-43. Though the score looks like it was quite boring, it was exactly the opposite. It was a war, and we scratched and clawed our way to the win! It's true what they sayrebounding wins games. That was how it ended; they missed a free throw and we closed it out with a defensive rebound. We won the rebounding battle by 1.

I hope you all have enjoyed my first blog of this off-season and I encourage you all to check in with me weekly on the Connecticut Sun Website! Don't forget to follow me @MzMims8 on Twitter and Follow my team and our progress throughout the season at and

Until Next Time...
Mistie Mims