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Ciao da Italia!


Happy Holidays Sun Fans!!!!

It's been such a long time since I've spoken with you allI feel like a lot has happened over the past few months since the season ended in Connecticut, and you are long overdue for an update on whats been going on across the water in Italy.

Wow, I never thought that I could fall in love with another country other than the United States like I have with Italy. This, by far, has been my best experience overseas. Basketball and my life off the court have been truly gratifying. I am so happy. I remember last year traveling to Taranto, Italy for a game, and my first thought was, Next year I want to play in this country!

Now I'm here playing for Famlia Schio!

The City:
Schio maybe the smallest city I've lived in, but it's so beautiful here. The weather has been good; not freezing cold but comfortable. Today was actually the first day it snowed. Schio is surrounded by nothing but big cities which is nice. I'm only 30 minutes from the U.S. Army base. That in itself is amazing!! I have met quite a few Americans in the military who live near my city.

Milan, Italy is not that far from me either. It's about two and a half hours to drive there. The road trip there is beginning to be a weekend thing. Milan is so beautiful; there's always something different to do or see.

Florence is a three hour drive from Schio. I did some damage in the stores shopping. When I'm spending money in America, a majority of the bags and clothes I buy say "Made in Italy. So why not get it from where it's from originally? I did quite a bit of my Christmas shopping on my days off in Florence. I also had the chance to tour some nice areas and eat at some restaurants. My main goal by the time I have to leave is to travel and tour most of Italy. Below is a photo of Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) in Venice.

On the Court:
There is no better feeling than being back on the court. It took some time getting adjusted to a new team and new coaching style, but the transition here has been very smooth. It's always nice having another American teammate you have played with and are good friends with. Jantel Lavender is fun to be around.

This past Thursday was a HUGE win for us! We moved into the number one spot in our Euroleague Group Play for Round 1 against Fenerbache. We were both tied at 4-1 for first place going into the game. Famila Schio couldnt remember the last time they beat Fenerbache, so this was a good win for us!! We have just one loss in the Italian League, where we are sitting in first place at 6-1 now. We've had a great start to our season and my team is working hard to compete in the Euroleague and Italian championships.

Christmas is coming around the corner! Thirteen more days and I'll be back home for the holidays! This will be my FIRST Christmas at my new house in Atlanta. My whole family is coming in to townSomething very special!!

I want to wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Make sure you keep up with ALL of the Sun players overseas. We are working hard to get better and determined to bring something special to Connecticut next year!!!

Until next time.GO SUN #4