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Catching Up With Kalana

Connecticut Sun guard Kalana Greene recently signed a contract to play with Bnot Hasharon, a FIBA Eurobasket team in Israel. For Greene, who is preparing for her third season in the WNBA, this is an important opportunity to continue developing her game. She spoke about it shortly before leaving for Israel.

Q. Congratulations on getting the opportunity to play overseas. You waited a lot longer than you expected for this chance. How did it feel to finally get the call?
A. I was excited to play, ready to compete. Now I can see how the things I've worked on translate in a game setting.

Q. What do you know about your new team, Bnot Hasharon, and the league in general?
A. I know that this is a team that was affected a lot by the strike. We are the only team that chose to play with only three Americans on the floor so that they can show their allegiance to the Israeli players.

Q. You don't have as much time as you would have liked to work on your game. What are your primary goals?
A. I actually worked on my individual game a little more, and have more time to focus on the parts of my game that I would not be able to work on if I was playing all the time, such as court training and weight training. So now, I can finally see it in action.

Q. How important is it for a young player like yourself to play professionally year-round?
A. I think it is very important so that you are as prepared and in the best shape you can be going into the WNBA season.

Q. Having been through two WNBA seasons now, do you have a better understanding for how to approach the offseason?
A. The offseason for a WNBA season is very important. Although you are likely to be playing during the offseason, you still have to take care of your body. I have learned to try to get on a strict weight training regiment among other scheduled things to keep my body in a certain routine that helps me stay strong and eliminate soreness.

Q. It is still a few months away, but are you starting to get excited for training camp?
A. All year you don't want he'd WNBA season to end and when it does, you can't wait for it to start up again. I have been thinking about training camp since we left Atlanta in the fall.