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All-Star Recap

After the 2013 Boost Mobile WNBA All-Star Game, Sun guard Allison Hightower and center Tina Charles took a few minutes to reflect on the experience.

Allison Hightower
How did you think the game went?
"It was great, just a lot fun. I wish we got the win but we didn't. We just played hard and tried to have fun."

What were your expectations going into the weekend?
"Just to have a great experience, and that's what I had. I got to meet a lot of different players, and get to know them better. Everybody was really cool, and I had a lot of fun."

Did you do as well as you hoped to?
"I'm just happy I made a shot. I was nervous, but like I said it was a lot of fun. Getting to play with all of these players around me was a great experience."

What was the feeling like when they announced your name?
"Wow. I felt really good. I felt the love. I'm just glad that I was able to be here and that welcome just made me realize how blessed I was."

Tina Charles
What were your expectations going into the weekend?
"Just to have fun, get to know some of these girls more. Also not to get any injuries, so I'm happy everyone came out healthy."

On having teammate Allison Hightower on the team with her
"It was a lot of fun, playing in the All-Star Game alongside Allison. It's well deserved for her. She definitely earned it. I grew up with Allison, I've known her since we were 13, so I'm excited for her."

What was your favorite part of the weekend?
"The camaraderie, just being around these girls. It's a really rare situation to play amongst these girls and be in the same locker room as all of them."