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Adventures In Paris

Throughout the offseason, Sun forward Mistie Mims will be updating fans on her adventures in France in her blog, Lady In Lyon. Missed an installment? Read the first one HERE and the second HERE.

I'm really happy that I get to share my past week with all you readers because it was a good one! Before I get to sharing all of my wonderful moments, I would like to take some time to thank our former coaching staff. I have the utmost respect for Coach Mike Thibult and would like to thank him so very much for reinvigorating my drive and determination for WNBA basketball! Its been no secret that my career has been a bumpy road, but I thank him for the incredible opportunity to play with an extraordinary organization, an amazing team and to be coached by someone who truly trusted and believed in my talents no matter the thoughts of others! The opportunity to be able to have all those things at the same time is special and rare! So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! I wish you all the best in your future endeavorsIm certain they will be as successful as you were in Connecticut.

We had a HUGE game this past Saturday night against a team called Perpignan and we won 81-55. That was a BIG WIN for us because they are currently #3 in the league and that win moved us up to 6th (but really tied for 4th). Our overall goal is to be in the top four by the end of the season. That would be really big for this club because they came from the second league just two years ago. I would love to be part of a team that can achieve something so many outsiders doubt! That is truly a great feelingproving people wrong!!! So make sure you follow our progressIm sure you will all be happy with the outcome. I believe in us!!!

Paris.OOOOOO Paris
We had a day off and usually on our days off I try to make the most of it! I am a traveler and I love to experience new things. So I hopped on a TGV (train) Sunday morning to my favorite place on earth, PARIS!!! The very first thing I did was enjoy a brunch at Laduree. It is a very famous pastry shop that opened in 1862 and is well known for their macarons!!! They are amazing and come in so many flavors! I love some sweets, so I have tried ALMOST all of them. If you ever visit Paris.these beautiful pieces of sweetness ARE A MUST!!!! If you can believe, I didn't indulge in those that morning! I had the Pain Perdue---French toast!!! It is actually a food that did originate in Franceunlike the French fry or French kiss! LOL

After an amazing brunch, I walked around a bit enjoying the views! Here in Paris, during the holiday season, Galeries Lafayette, which is a big department story like Nordstrom, has a holiday themed window display!!! Its all the rage here because a famous designer (Chloe, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld) designs it. The windows were beautiful!!! They had so many showgirl puppets and animals moving to music, adorned in the most expensive clothes, shoes, and bags!!! Too bad the store was closedwell maybe it was a good thing! I LOVE to shop!

Next on the list was my very FIRST opera! I have dreamed of going to an opera and they had one showing that day! So I showed up at the Palais Garnier for the showing of Cinderella. It was a very interesting version. There wasn't a wicked step mother, but a mean daddy who preferred his step children over his daughter!!! The second thing that was different was the prince pretended to be a royal subject, while the royal subject played the prince! So the step sisters fell in love with the wrong man.while Cinderella and the true prince fell head over heels in love with each other!!! I LOVED IT!!! I think the entire experience will be something I remember forever! The theater was breathtaking and the show touching. I am a sucker for love stories!!!

After seeing the opera, I thought to myself, how can I top that? I decided to visit the Champs-Elysee! They have this incredible Christmas Market (Marche de Noel). The entire street shines bright with Christmas decorations and lights and you can buy anything you could imagine!!! I stopped at the chocolate covered fruit stand. I didn't have enough discipline not to stop, but I don't regret it! They had these chocolate covered cherries that deserved a gold star award! The best part was that they were fresh cherries!!! I'm glad I bought one and kept walking - I think chocolate will be the death of me! They also have hot wine that is as popular as hot apple cider is at home! I mean I am in Franceand the French LOVE their wine. They will always find a reason to drink it! I decided to have dinner at Cafe Fouquet! There, I indulged in another seasonal French delicacy, Foie Gras!!! Its actually duck liver that has been fattened! It doesn't sound as wonderful in English as it does in French. HOWEVER, it tastes amazing!!!

After, all that walking, I decided to head to my hotel! I recommend if you stay in Paris, stay at the Hotel Bellechasse! Its not your average big chain hotel, but it's intimate and swanky!!! Every room is decorated differently! I refuse to stay anywhere else! Its located near the Musee D'Orsay and it's easy to access all the hot spots in Paris from there. I took a LOOOOONNNNG soak in a "my-size" bathtub while reading Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist." A great ending to the perfect day!!! I can truly say LIFE IS GOOD!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog! Have a great week!

Until next time.
Mistie Mims
@FreeFlyin_8 on twitter