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Postgame Quotes/Notes - San Antonio 69, Storm 66

July 14, 2011


On Danielle Adams' game-winning basket:
No, I don't put it on that play. That was a good play; they made the play they had to make. We put ourselves in a hole in the first half. We started playing better in the second half and moving the ball and got the lead, then just didn’t do the things we needed to do.

On the Silver Stars:
They played well. I take my hat off to San Antonio. They played a really good game. Their two young players stepped up, made big plays, they did a good job on Sue (Bird) and we just didn’t take advantage of the things they gave us.

On adjustments:
We’ll watch the film and talk about it within our team, then try to make some adjustments.


On the Storm's shooting:
We did have a rough shooting night and still had a chance to the win the game. I think that speaks to our team’s toughness and our defense. We always give ourselves a chance and tonight it just didn’t work out for us.

On the Storm's defense:
It’s no secret that we’re a defensive team, that we thrive off that, and that we want that to create for us offensively. Once we got stops against them we were able to run and I think Tanisha (Wright) was super aggressive in transition when she had the ball and it really opened things up.

On Adams:
She’s tough, and she is a inside-outside player. It seemed like they were putting her in spots where we would have to help off after they drove. She’s a rookie so hopefully we’ll get use to her game now that we’ve seen it once.


On defending Adams:
She is a good shooter. She knocked down her open shots at the end, which was very important. We switch a lot and help a lot, so in the event that we’re helping, she is in the right place for a shot.

She is a good player - I’m not taking anything away from her as a player. I think we were just a bit out of place sometimes in our defensive assignments. We just were in a gray area, if I must say that, on what we should do in certain situations.

On the game:
That was a really good game. I’m not sure either team deserved to lose that one, to be honest with you. I thought they made plays. I thought we made plays. It was WNBA basketball, really, in a good stage tonight. Our bench again …we kind of went back to what we had kind of been in some of the earlier games from a standpoint of our rotation and our bench, really I thought, was separation. We got some really good play out of our bench. I thought it was a really hard-fought game and I was real pleased that we dealt with it. Like I said, that’s a game that could have gone either way.

On the rotation:
I think having Porsha (Phillips) back [helped]. Very quietly she gave us five. When you are talking about the level of competition in the West out here, her coming in and getting five points for us and that kind of energy, that’s a separation factor. We haven’t had that in for awhile. That’s how close it is in these situations. DA (Adams) really made some timely plays for us as well. I thought both teams were just trading blows to a degree. I think we were lucky that we got the last good one in.

On his team's defense:
We caused 20 turnovers. We actually turned it over more that we are accustomed. We turned it over 15. That’s a huge part of who we are. We’ve had some trouble establishing tempo and I think it gave us the ability to play back at them to a degree. They’re a team that really makes you work offensively to score. They’re a team that puts a lot of pressure on you on the backboard. We battled. That’s what you’re going to have. You’re not going to dominate them in any area. If you can battle, then you can get an opportunity to close. I’m really pleased to see us go to the foul line and be that efficient in late-game situations. That’s a huge part of success in this league.

On her fourth-quarter play:
I was just in the groove and my teammates just kept getting me the ball and I just kept making plays. We needed the win and we went out and got it.

On the team's play:
We started off tremendously and our defense was on point tonight and that’s what we’ve been looking for, for our defense to kick back up and we did it tonight. We had to have it at the end and we just came back.

On Adams:
I’ve seen it even in college; I played against her for two years. I knew she could do it. She loves big games and she loves big shots. I’m just happy for her once again. We all know she’s capable and the team has confidence in her. They’ve seen her do it; it’s nothing new. We’ve all been there. She was definitely fresh tonight.

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