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Women's Basketball Club of Seattle Force 10 Hoops LLC
President & General Manager Alisha Valavanis
Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations Shannon Burley
Vice President, Finance & Human Resources Tricia McLean
Vice President, Partnerships Nate Silverman
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Kyle Waters
Basketball Operations
Head Coach Jenny Boucek
Assistant Coach Rob Fodor
Assistant Coach Ryan Webb
Sports Performance Coach Susan Borchardt
Team Doctor Dr. Jordan Chun
Athletic Trainer Tom Spencer
Manager, Basketball Operations Preston Fawcett
Manager, Video & Equipment Leah Drury
Associate, Accounting & Human Resources Meg Lobasso
Marketing & Business Operations
Director, Research and Direct Marketing Kris Kolehmain
Senior Manager, Marketing Kenny Dow
Senior Manager, External Relations Navreet Gill
Coordinator, Marketing & Merchandise Alycia Chabot
Coordinator, Graphic Design Celina Martin
Director, Business Development Amy Burdick
Manager, Partnerships Jessica Swenson
Public Relations & Digital Communications
Manager, Public Relations Kimberly Veale
Coordinator, Web Development Jared Shurtliff
Assistant, Digital Communications Sean Larson
Ticket Sales & Service
Manager, Membership Development Meridian Mayer
Coordinator, Membership Services Shervin Yazdidoost
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Daniel Cox
Sr. Account Executive, Membership Development Rebekah Hull
Account Executive, Membership Development Jaron Iwakami
Account Executive, Membership Development Kirk Bighaus
Account Executive, Membership Development Mitch Iverson
Account Executive, Group Sales Jordan Carter
Account Executive, Group Sales Lorraine Chan
Associate, Ticket Sales Robert Gage
Associate, Ticket Sales Katelyn Jones
Associate, Ticket Sales Owen Momsen
Associate, Ticket Sales Joseph Wright
Storm Broadcasting
Play-By-Play Announcer Dick Fain
Color Analyst Adia Barnes
Audio Engineer Garry Greth
More Information
Home Arena KeyArena
Executive Office Address 3421 Thorndyke Ave W
Seattle, WA, 98119
Telephone (206) 217-WNBA (9622)
Web Address StormBasketball.com