Joe (Austin): Hook em' Horns! Will UT beat Michigan Tai? Also now that Stacy Stevens is playing in the NWBL in Lubbock will you join her?

Tai Dillard: Hook em' Horns! I do believe Texas will beat Michigan, it's a huge game for them and I believe they will step up to the challenge. I'm happy Stacy is playing somewhere, and I wish her all the best of luck, but I think I will be staying in Israel to play.

Israeli VJ fan: Hi Tai, How are you enjoying your offseason so far? Is Israel anything like what you expected?

Tai Dillard: Hello. I'm having a great offseason, I'm happy to be playing in Israel, it's a great country to play in. There are lots of Americans here too, and I really like it. Everything I heard about, how great it was here, is true. It's been a great experience.

Dan (Tel-Aviv): Which Israeli player have impressed you the most?

Tai Dillard: On my team, Sarit Arbel is a really good player, she's played with and against lots of WNBA players. She is an international player too and she can really play, so I look up to her.

Darryl Linden (Houston): Welcome home Tai, great 1st half over in Israel. What did you learn about Israel's people and culture that you did not know before? Will you play in the NWBL this year after Israel?

Tai Dillard: What I've learned about the people and culture is that every Friday families get together for a big dinner, kinda like our Sunday dinners in the US. It's very cool. Also, once you graduate high school here, it's mandatory to join the military here, with woman for two years and men for four. That's interesting. I'm really going to try and finish out the season in Israel, it's a real experience to play in another country and I'd like to finish the season in Israel.

Tami (Austin): I have an 11 year old daughter named Jaquise who has been a fan of yours. She is in the Longhorn club and plays basketball for a little league. Can you give her some advice about you got to where you are today?

Tai Dillard: Just continue to work on your game, try and play in different leagues and teams, summer leagues, school teams, everything. Most important, always have fun playing. Work on your weaknesses and maintain your strengths. And always, always, work hard, too.

Barry (Phoenix): Do you keep up with the Lady Longhorns? What is your assessment of the 2004-2005 college basketball season?

Tai Dillard: I do keep up with the Lady Longhorns, I went to the game yesterday when they played Sam Houston State. I think this year, they really know what they need to do to get to the Final Four. They worked real hard in the offseason, and I think they can get there this year. There are a lot of terrific players in this class. I think it may be a different group of teams in the Final Four this year, instead of the usual, Tennessee, UConn and Duke, there will be some other teams in there, maybe Texas!

Janis Mahan: I was wondering if you'll be back with the Stars in 05

Tai Dillard: I hope I am! I've been working hard in the offseason and I'm looking forward to having another year with the Silver Stars.

Tanaja(Middletown,CT): What's up Tai? With the draft around the corner what do you think the silver stars should look for (having the #4 pick) to become a better team?Good luck next year.

Tai Dillard: Thank you for the good luck wishes. I don't know how answer that one. I hope we draft somebody who is willing to do whatever they can to help us get on the winning track and have a great season this year.

Tai Dillard: I'd like to thank everybody for sending in their questions and also everybody who has been reading my journals and sending me emails. I hope to see everybody at the WNBA games this season, and I really appreciate all your support. Everybody have a Happy New Year!