March 29, 2006

Silver Stars Sound Off caught up with a couple of last year's draft picks and found what was most memorable about that day...

Experiencing Draft Day...

Kendra Wecker: The draft last year was a great experience for me. Both of my parents were able to attend so that made it even more special. As much fun as it was though, it was twice as nerve-wracking!! Sitting there on draft day waiting for your name to be called was the most anxious/excited/nervous I have ever been in my entire life. And once (my name) was called it was such a huge relief to know where you were going to be spending the next few months of your life!

Shyra Ely:On draft day I was pretty nervous. I had an idea that I was going to San Antonio but I just didn't know when. So, during the draft each time San Antonio had a pick, I would say to my mom "this could be me!"

Who Should the Stars Pick?

Kendra Wecker:I don't have too many thoughts on who we should draft this year. Since we have the fourth pick, I'm completely confident that our coaching staff will draft the best player who remains in the draft. I don't know how the order will go, but I would be happy to play next to a fellow Big 12 star in Sophia Young (wink wink)!!!