Becky Hammon Chat Transcript

Can Becky Hammon help San Antonio achieve more than just an end to its postseason drought in the coming weeks? She answered that question and more recently when she stopped by to chat with fans on Read what she had to say.

Cedar Hill, Texas: I think that you are a great player and I am so happy about the success that you are having in San Antonio. To what do you attribute your success with the Silver Stars?

 Becky Hammon: (2:09 PM ET ) We have a great team number one. We have a team that is very committed to each other and very focused. We have great leadership. It's a different style for me. It's been a lot of fun. I feel that individual success comes along with the team success.

Brittani (Chicago): What were your first thoughts when you found out that you were going to be playing for S.A.?

 Becky Hammon: (2:10 PM ET ) My first thoughts weren't about San Antonio, but leaving New York. I was sad to leave New York, but when I looked at the San Antonio roster I thought we coud be a championship caliber team. Those sad thoughts faded when I saw the great team and organization I was going to play for.

Shakina, NYC: What do you miss most about NY?

 Becky Hammon: (2:11 PM ET ) My teammates, the fans and the Garden. Its one of the greatest venues in the world to play in. Also, the restaurants, being able to find something to eat at any time of the day.

BJ , Illinois: First off, congrats on the great season so far. As a team, you have so many weapons both offensively and defensively. Do you feel that the philosophies in SA better fit your style of play?

 Becky Hammon: (2:13 PM ET ) I'm very grateful for my time in New York. I learned a ton from Richie Adubato and Pay Coyle, I was like a sponge. The style in San Antonio been a change for me, I like to play up and down and make things happen. It's a different style. In New York they do things so they can be successful, and in San Antonio we do different things. Yes, I love the style of play down here.

Jackie, New Jersey: How does it feel to be mentioned as a serious MVP candidate? I know you are the ultimate team player, but that's got to be a huge personal compliment! P.S. We really miss you in New York!!

 Becky Hammon: (2:14 PM ET ) Jackie, thank you. I miss them too. To me the MVP award goes hand in hand with team success. My focus now is on winning and all of the individual accolades come after that. I'm at the point, so I want to do whatever I can do to help our team win. For me to be mentioned in the MVP talks shows how well our team is playing.

Destiny/romulus,mi: What do you think your team has to do to get past Detroit?

 Becky Hammon: (2:15 PM ET ) Detroit has a lot of different things they do well. It will take a great defensive effort. We have to limit their transition, they have some explosive players. We have to focus on defense and rebounding and that helps our offense as well. They are a really good team so we'll have to be focused.

Kayla Holland Lamar, Missouri: How do you plan to stop Detroit's Deanna Nolan tonight? Do you think if you can slow her down, you and the Silver Stars can come out with a victory?

 Becky Hammon: (2:17 PM ET ) Deanna is a really talented player. she is so gifted athletically you just try to slow her down and make her earn everything. Just get a hand in her face and get in her space a bit. You know she's going to score, you just don't want to give up 40 points to her.

Meme Webb (Waco, TX): What has been the biggest transition for you coming from New York City to San Antonio? (food, culture, atmosphere, team chemistry, fans, etc) p.s. We love you down here in Texas Becky!

 Becky Hammon: (2:18 PM ET ) It's probably all of the ones you listed. Chemistry, the team dynamic. New York last year we lost four of five starters and we were starting from scratch. The food, the pace of life, culture, it's all different down here. I've been in the city the past 8 years, but I'm pretty country at heart. I can live pretty easily in both places.

Ina,Manila,Philippines: hi becky! is it harder for the team to play without erin buescher? and how are you adjusting to it?

 Becky Hammon: (2:20 PM ET ) Erin is a huge part of this team. We miss Erin.What she does on the floor is not comparable to what she does off the floor. We miss her and want her to get healthy and get back on the floor with us. You can't replace her, you just want everyone to do little things to fill in the gaps of what she does. Everyone has to do a little more than before. It has to be a collective effort. No one player can replace what Erin does.

amiel, los angeles, CA: Hi Becky, I just want to say I'm your biggest fan. I've been following you since you started in the league. I think you're a great player. My question is, the Silver Stars are having a tremendous season. What is it going to take to carry this momentum on to the Finals?

 Becky Hammon: (2:21 PM ET ) We just have to stay focused on ourselves. We don't focus on who we are playing, but improving ourselves every game, if we win or lose. I think that is what it is going to take. I don't think this team has peaked yet. We're still learning and growing every game. We need to take care of ourselves. We scout our opponents, but it's really all on us. If we play well, we'll win and if we play bad, we won't win. It's all on us.

Sara (Harrisburg, PA): Becky - I really think you and the Silver Stars have done a great job so far, but with the tight race in the West, who do you think poses the biggest threat to the Silver Stars and why?

 Becky Hammon: (2:23 PM ET ) Really every team in the west is tough. Bottom line in this league if you don't come to play with your best game you will lose. Phoenix is playing well right now, Seattle is playing well. Sacramento is great with their defense. We're not looking behind us, we're looking forward and let the standings fall where they may. If we're looking behind us, we're not focused on what's ahead for us.

Joann - California: Hey Becky, You are having an AWESOME season and so are the Silver Stars! You are obviously having a great time on the court. Is there more pressure on you now than when you were with the NY Liberty?

 Becky Hammon: (2:25 PM ET ) I don't feel like there is any pressure on me. I'm just going out and having fun. I'm just blessed and honored to be on this team. It's really about going out and executing. What we've been able to do is tremendous, we're not satisfied. This team struggled last year and to be able to come in and turn things around has been great. I don't really feel much pressue. I really try not to focus on outside things.

Gina Batie, Rapid City, SD.: How come nobody knows that you have an awesome older sister that taught you everything you know? And always covered your butt when you were growing up?

 Becky Hammon: (2:27 PM ET ) Anybody who knows anything knows how awesome of a sister I have. When she wasn't trying to beat my butt, she was protecting it. The fans have her to thank for my fiestiness. I love you big sis.

Ro (S.A. TX): Hello there! Becky I know this is your first season in San Antonio but what are your favorite spots/things to do around town (whenever it's not raining)?

 Becky Hammon: (2:28 PM ET ) Its been raining like 80 percent of the time. I'm disappointed in my tanning time. I keep a pretty low profile. When I'm home I try to rest up and get ready for the games because they come pretty quick. I really haven't had a chance to get out and do much yet.

Kris (Fayetteville, Ark.): It seems to me critics are reluctant to give you the credit you deserve for being a great player. Do you feel like you're constantly having to prove yourself on the court?

 Becky Hammon: (2:30 PM ET ) I try not to focus on what people say and what people think. I don't put much weight on that. I know who I am and where I'm heading. I don't have performance based confidence. I get it from other things in my life and not the basketball court. I've had people criticize me my whole life. Most of them are outside sources that don't know me. That's not where I put my confidence. I put my confidence in a higher calling. I just keep playing and let the chips fall where they may. If I listed to people and their criticisms, i wouldn't be having this chat right now.

 Becky Hammon: (2:33 PM ET ) Thanks to everybody for writing in and everyone's unconditional support personally and career wise, everyone's support has been great to see. I said this from day one, I have some of the best individual fans and the WNBA has some of the best and most passionate fans. Thank you for your support and let's make some history down here in San Antonio.