Q&A With Ann Wauters

How do you feel about returning to the WNBA after a two-season hiatus?
To be honest Iím really anxious to come back to the league. Iíve played now for a couple of years in Russia and some of the best players in the world are also in Russia, but still the WNBA is the best league. Every team is great so every night when you play itís a challenge. Itís a great league and Iím proud to be part of it.

How about reuniting with Becky and VJ from your Liberty days?
Thatís gonna be greatÖ Becky, of course, is my teammate now so itís like weíre going to play all year round together. Sheís a great player, a great teammate, so I think it will be easier to go to a new team and a new city with her. Same with VJ, in New York she was really important. Sheís a big leader. To have her on the team, such a hard worker, thatís really a great thing for San Antonio. Having her as a teammate, Iím sure itís going to make my transition easier.

What made you decide to return to the WNBA? And how much did Becky talk you into it?
To be honest itís for different reasons. First of all, after New York, I kind of felt playing year round is really hard on your body. I got some small injuries and I kind of felt like it was too much and thatís why I took a little break because I needed it physically and also mentally. Another reason was my Belgian national team asked me to participate with them to qualify for the Olympics, which unfortunately we didnít qualify. That gives me the summer again. Iím really anxious to come back and play in the best league. Of course, Becky is on my team, and she was talking to me about it, but she also kind of left me alone with my decision.

What are you hoping to bring to the court in San Antonio?
Iíve played already with Coach Hughes, but now itís been a while. Still I havenít really talked to him yet about what he expects from me. So I think weíll have a discussion about that. I just hope to bring my best game to San Antonio. Iím sure I could help them in the post with my abilities.

What are you most looking forward to about joining the Silver Stars?
To be part of a new team with some players that I already knowÖ Becky already talked to me about it and said that they have a great team spirit, that everybody gets along. Thatís really important to me and just being part of a team and competing every night against tough teams.

Of course, VJ and Becky are familiar faces, but are you excited to play with some new people as well?
I actually met Sophia shortly when we played in Turkey. They came together with VJ to watch our game. Iím really looking forward to playing with her as well as Erin Buescher. Becky told me some good things about her, so Iím really looking forward to playing with her.

Anything else you want to tell our fans?
Iím just very, very excited to come to San Antonio. The seasonís not that far away. Itís going to be soon. Iím really looking forward to it.