Unforgettable All-Star Memories

When you experience All-Star itís quite a bit different as a coach. I was an assistant at Charlotte and the game before the All-Star break the organization decided to make a change and asked me to take over as coach. So I coached one game in Washington and then we broke for the All-Star Game.

My first experience as a coach was that. During that weekend I went out and hired T.R. Dunn as an assistant to come in with me. He was a former NBA player and coach who lived in Charlotte. So I put together my staff and put together what we were going to do over the break.

Itís just an interesting memory looking back at it. When you take over at such a difficult time of a team as to what you are going to do to right the ship, itís just very memorable sitting down with all those people watching the game.

Vicky Bullett went to the All-Star Game for us and that sort of lead to a series of years where my players kept going to represent our teams. It finally really culminated when coached in the game and all those things are just wonderful memories. The game and the weekend it just a great celebration of the WNBA and itís one of the few times that everyone is on the same page.

Being a coach and having so many players participate in the weekend is just such a special thing. When youíre in the locker room and youíre part of a team with the best of the best and you have a player who has been chosen for that opportunity it just never gets old.

How many times has Sophia Young and Becky Hammon been in that? But before that I had players in Cleveland and I can remember some years we didnít have anyone make it and that was always a disappointment.

You always have that pull and tug because there is a cutoff point and you hope you can get some players into the game. I can name you all the players that I had that made the All-Star team, but I can also name all those players who didnít make it who I thought deserved it in some of those years.

But the main thing is itís just one of the biggest honors and it never grows old. Itís always going to be one of those things that will remain part of your memory package and feel very proud and privileged to be a part of.