Danielle Robinson's Rookie Diary (Aug. 18, 2011)

Silver Stars rookie guard Danielle Robinson is detailing her rookie experience throughout the 2011 season in her Rookie Diary. Follow along all year to find out what her experiences are.
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August 18, 2011
I'm lucky enough to have a personal beautician in Roneeka Hodges. She does my hair and I don't know what I'm going to do without her when I go overseas.

Everyone has been asking me if I dyed it again because it seems brighter. Ruth Riley joked by saying, "You just washed it so all the dirt is gone!" I was like, "WOW, Ruth!" But it's ok.

But Roneeka asked me who does my hair and if I had anyone in San Antonio to do it. I don't but I have a friend from OU who lives here was going to refer me to someone.

Roneeka offered to do mine since she does her own. She is really good at it and I think she should do other peoples. Another this is it's really convenient for me since we live in the same building and I can just walk down the hall.

Danielle (Adams) has dreads so maybe she'll be next. I think more people should try dreads but, I don't know if Roneeka would want them all at her house though.

I think Becky (Hammon) should get some dreads. I think she would love them for real. It would just make it easier for her. I get my hair done every couple of weeks and she could just have fun with it. You know if she doesn't want them, cut them off - hair grows back and she can go back to where she is now. I think she should give it a shot.