Danielle Robinson's Rookie Diary (June 8, 2011)

Silver Stars rookie guard Danielle Robinson is detailing her rookie experience throughout the 2011 season in her Rookie Diary. Follow along all year to find out what her experiences are.

June 8, 2011
Iíve loved being in San Antonio from the moment I got here. I arrived a few days before camp started and got moved into my apartment. When I moved in and saw it was way nicer than what I had in college I knew this was going to be a great start.

Once training camp started I was lucky I already knew Porsha (Phillips) and Danielle (Adams) so it made it a lot easier. Of course I knew I had to work hard and thatís what Jayne told me before coming in. Playing hard was all I was concentrating on, itís the same ball and the same goal, so with her advice thatís what I wanted to come in and do from the start.

Getting to know some of the other players I found out that our veterans are great. I know they havenít just helped me but they also help all the other young players. They are really showing us things we didnít know before. They are showing us how to come in and play in the system as well as competing every day on this level. Iím just trying to learn from them and I think thatís what itís about.

Coach Hughes is always talking about building great team chemistry. I think we are building more and more of that every day we are together. Itís definitely one of our strongest points on this team and you have to give credit to the vets for that too. As far as practice right now, I just have to try to get better each day and of course the vets are doing a great job with staying on me about that.

Saturday nightís first game was awesome. The fans were incredible and weíre looking forward to a great season, not just for us but for them as well. They are awesome and I canít wait to be out there in the next one!