Dan Hughes' Musical Journey - Seattle

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Dan Hughes, Musical Journey with members of the Zombies
Me and the Zombies in Seattle.
June 24, 2010

Last year we come into Seattle to play. We get to the hotel, unpack and I'm walking out of the hotel to get dinner. Seattle is one of my favorite cities to walk – I love going to the fish market, I like walking down by the water; it just clears my head.

Well I'm walking down the street and I always walk by, it's called the Triple Door. The Triple Door is a small little club that brings artist in and serves dinner. So I'm walking down to see who is playing, just part of my walk and as I walk there I see to the left these three guys.

I thought, "Gosh these guys look familiar to me." Then I look again and it comes to me, "That's the Zombies."

That’s Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent and they're bass player who played with the Kink's Jim Rodford. I had met them one time before in Cleveland at a show.

I thought, "Are they playing a show?" Because usually I know what's going on musically in the town I'm visiting.

So I ask them if they were playing and they told me they weren't. They said they were spending the day in Seattle before going to New York and decided to stay in town to see Howard Jones who was playing at the Triple Door.

I gave them some background and appreciation and asked to take a picture, and they told me I should come with them to watch Howard. Of course that was all the encouragement I needed.

We ate dinner and they were very hospitable, watched the show and had a great time.

But the Zombies are a very interesting study. They were part of the British Invasion in the early 60s but yet I think their appreciation has grown because of their impact they've had on other bands. They still play and I think Colin Blunstone is one of the great voices of music.

At the end of the day they are people who in their 60s now are enjoying a talent they share with each other. And as I was with them I could see the chemistry that goes beyond the stage. These are guys who have relationships with each other that go back 40 years in some cases, it's really amazing to watch that kind of chemistry still work.

The Zombies album Odessey and Oracle is the underappreciated classic of the 1960s. It's best listened to start to finish and it was their swan song as group.

It really hasn't been appreciated until time passed and people really had a chance to "catch up" to the music, it was that far ahead. In its entirety it is put in conversations with Sgt. Pepper's (The Beatles), with Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), What's Going On (Marvin Gaye) as a complete work that deserves its place in rock history.

And another unexpected musical journey in Seattle.

Enjoy local San Antonio music and great burgers at Tycoon Flats!