Musical Journey of Coach Hughes: Seattle and Minnesota

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July 6, 2009

Seattle... I think the Emerald City has been one of my most enjoyable stops in the WNBA, for several reasons. One of the things Seattle prides itself in is they have an incredible Rock museum. I think along the lines of the Rock Hall, it has some incredible artifacts. Probably the most impressive to me is the Jimi Hendrix exhibit. Jimi was from Seattle.

The story I have is one year I went to the museum and really enjoyed it. I have a Jimi Hendrix tie and I wore it to the game. Now my players weren't quite sure who it was on my tie. So it took one of the veterans to recognize it and put it together with the location and that the museum was part of the community. So that's part of my wardrobe and could possibly be the tie that I choose for the Seattle game.

Then we have Minnesota.

One time when I was in Minnesota years ago, my team had a game there. After the game I went back and I happened to be walking the streets looking for something to eat.

I find this little restaurant that says, "Live Music - Average White Band," which people from the 70s will get it. What's even more interesting is that the guitarist for the Average White Band joined Paul McCartney on his initial solo tour after Wings.

So I jump in to grab a bite to eat, had the ability to listen to some Average White Band and those are a couple more stories along my musical journey in the WNBA.