Musical Journey of Coach Hughes: Sacramento

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August 11, 2009

Two years ago in the playoffs when we visited Sacramento, we were headed to Arco Arena to practice and we had to use their practice facility because the building was in use for a concert. That always interests me of course, and it was the Pretenders and ZZ Top.

Seeing that as an omen, for a Texas band in Sacramento, I slip out and catch the two sets. To add to that Chrissie Hynde with the Pretenders is an Ohio girl, she is actually from Akron. But anyway, my seeing ZZ Top in Sacramento and understanding the power of the trio band at its fullest was just a great experience.

ZZ Top is one of the greatest. I have three trios that really stand out to me. Of course my favorite is the James Gang because Iím friends with Jimmy Fox, I have a personal connection. They are number one, but then Cream and ZZ Top have always been the three that stood out to me.

Actually seeing ZZ Top perform is just a real treat, especially being a transplanted Texas native. In most cases when we have a win to follow thatís what makes the concerts even greater as I reflect back on them. But that is one of my memories and one of my musical journeys to Sacramento, which is a very interesting and enjoyable city to visit.