Musical Journey of Coach Hughes : Phoenix

June 5, 2009

Home of Alice Cooper and Cooperstown Restaurant - In 2000, I was coaching the Cleveland Rockers and Alice played in Ohio. One of our fans worked for Belkin Productions and knew I was a fan of Alice.

He asked if I would like to meet Alice and "Of course!" was the answer, so after the show Mary and I were led to his tour bus. We were taken on the bus and told to wait on Alice's arrival.

While we were waiting one of the other people with us asked if I was the Rockers coach? I said yes, and she asked if I would sign her shirt. So i took a sharpe and was signing the shirt when Alice walked in.

The Rockers fan saw Alice looking and said, "He is the Rockers Coach!"

Alice's answer was great. This was one of my most surreal moments of my life to see Alice waiting for me to finish an autograph to shake his hand.

He was fantastic and a knowledgeable sports fan. A family man, he told us the nurse for the theatrical version of the song, "Ballad of Dwight Frye" (My favorite Alice song), who put his head in the guillotine to be chopped off was his daughter!