Musical Journey of Coach Hughes: Atlanta

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August 21, 2009

Last season we took our first trip to Atlanta. I was so honored to get a call from a guy named Charlie Brusco. Charlie manages a very successful management corporation for rock bands. He manages Styx, among other people.

Anyway, Charlie calls me up and says he and his wife would like to come to the game. I was just so excited that he would come. So, we got him tickets. He came to the game and we had a chance to visit. I was just so appreciative that he would do that.

I had gotten to know Charlie a little bit through the years and had a wonderful experience when Tommy Shaw of Styx was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. I flew to Alabama last minute to go to it and they didn't know I was coming. But, I got a ticket and jumped on a plane.

When I got there, I saw Tommy and his family were already there. His mother, his wife and Charlie are all there. They saw me at a different table and out of the goodness of their hearts, they came over and grabbed me to have me sit with them during the whole presentation.

But, that Charlie would join us at our game last season in Atlanta and follow us while in the midst of managing several prominent rock bands was just thrilling to me. It's just another great example of how the musical journey and WNBA life intertwine, and I'm just real appreciative to him for being a fan of ours.