July 27, 2011

M-Blog: It's Back, Version 2.0

It's back. The M-Blog 2.0.

Sorry, it's not any better. It's just another version. (Just like everything else that gets repackaged.)

When @benhunted (since having joined Twitter [@AndrewMonaco_Sr], I tend to think of people by their twitter handle) asked me to revive the M Blog, I thought, "Sure."

Then I thought, "Are you guys that desperate for content?"

Then I thought some more. "Well, who am I to keep our fans from experiencing a taste, a bit, a skosh, of what I think?" If you must know, I do love me some me.

Back to the name of the blog. Keep the same, old, tired name? Sure, why not. First of all, I'm lazy. Second, "My World and Welcome To It" was already taken. And third, I couldn't work Harry Potter into the title which would enable this to pop up on a website search, ensuring more hits.

What should you expect? Remember the old Larry King column from the USA Today Life section? You know, (with apologies to the great Norman Chad) the purple section. It will be a lot like that, but without the suspenders. There may be rants. There may be raves. There will be food. I will answer your questions, sometimes honestly, sometimes sarcastically, but they will be answered.

Bill Land and Sean Elliott have Scatter Shooting. This will be more scattered. Wait, maybe I do have a title:


-- One of the best things of traveling is catching up with friends on the road. When the world of sports intersects with the world of broadcasting, the number of friends adds up.

-- One of the rules of the road is No Chains. Not like Jersey Shore. No chain restaurants. If I can help it.

Yes, there are exceptions. Sometimes theres no time to explore a city, or it shuts down after 3 a.m., or it's a weekend (I'm looking at you, Tulsa).

When I visit a city, I want to experience what it serves best. In Seattle, you better believe I'm getting salmon. New York? Pizza and pastrami. Indiana? Pork tenderloin sandwiches. I have my favorite places in each city, but I'm always willing to expand my horizons (and apparently, my waistline).

-- I saw a Philly Cheesesteak place in Seattle. In a word? No.

I will get a cheesesteak in and around Philadelphia. And you better believe I will order one without hesitation if the name "Malik Rose" is attached to it. But in Seattle. Nope.

-- Coffee is another thing I like. From previous entries, you may have learned I like Dunkin Donuts. And Tim Horton's. With Detroit out of the league, I believe that leaves New York as the last city with places to buy Timmy's. (Unlike the Rampage's Dan Weiss, who can get one on any corner when they play in Canada.) Still one of the funniest conversations/arguments was former Rampage players Joe Callahan (American) and Randall Gelech (Canadian) discussing the merits of Dunkin Donuts (American) and Tim Horton's (Canadian).

-- Wait, isn't this a WNBA blog? Yes it is, but know that WNBA and AHL players are some of the most accessible athletes you may ever have the good fortune to know. I hope that never changes.

-- Being a baseball fan, I love when the WNBA and MLB work in concert so I can see a game when we visit. That being said, I am supremely disappointed that Bud Selig did not consult with me (nor with Andy Everett) to maximize our viewing possibilities.

Well, that's just a tease, as we say in the business. Gotta keep you coming back for more. See you on our telecasts on Fox Sports Southwest or (sorry, Charles Osgood) see you on the radio on Ticket 760.