Adrian Williams: Stayin' Alive
March 2, 2005

Adrian Williams

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    I apologize. I really do. I have been trying to write every month but February was so full of DRAMA that I just couldn't find the time to gather my utmost intimate and personal thoughts for my WNBA family. I know that your life has not been the same so I apologize for keeping you in suspense. But I'm back!

    I have learned so much about the Korean culture though! In February, I learned that blowing one's nose in public was considered rude and a big no no. Claire, my translator, did not tell me this until two months after I was blowing my nose everywhere from the airport to the mall to the back of a taxi. If I have to put it in perspective- excuse me for this in advance- if I have to choose between blowing my nose in public or letting the contents of my nostrils (A.K.A. SNOT!!) run down my face, I'm going to choose the former.

    Also- There is no such thing as shrugging your shoulders or winking your eyes. We Americans are so self centered we think that just because we have these motions everyone else does. There are some things that are similar such as nodding yes or no, or giving the thumbs up but a lot of things are different (Although you're pretty corny if you give someone a thumbs up in the States- I'm pretty corny sometimes). So let's visualize what the Koreans must ACTUALLY see when we do “our patented motions.”

    Korean friend: Hey Adrian, when are you going to the market?
    Commentator: Adrian shrugs her shoulders as if to say, I don't know.
    Korean friend's thoughts: What is wrong with her shoulders? Why did they just all of a sudden go up like that? Maybe she's stretching.
    Commentator: Korean friend lifts up left shoulder to stretch also.
    Korean man: Ms. Williams, you are so beautiful and wonderful and excellent and glorious and etc.
    Commentator: Adrian winks flirtatiously.
    Korean man to his friend: Well she's still cute but there's something wrong with her right eye. Maybe it has a weak muscle because sometimes it shuts and the other one stays open!!

    There was a rumor that I had died circulating through the WNBA office. How awful! My friend who used to work for the WNBA heard this news and called one of my WNBA colleagues who called another who called another. The crazy thing was I had just emailed her that morning! LOL. When she finally found out that the rumor was false she was so exhausted and distraught that she couldn't even tell me what had happened. I was honored to know that I would be missed though. (Smile) Sorta like a preview because I won't be at the real one.

    I would like to tell you a couple of my pet peeves. Okay. I really have a problem with people cutting and not acknowledging that they're doing so. It's not the people that are cutting to stand with their friends, but the ones that just come into the line and pretend that my eyes are not boring into the side of their face in an attempt to evaporate their skin!! (Oops) No, I'm serious. This is a serious issue for me and I think it is just plain RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. To me, it's like saying, “You are nothing. You don't even exist.” Am I going overboard? I think not. I would rather someone say, “Can I cut?” then just come walk right in front of me and ignore my presence. Don't worry- I'm getting therapy.

    Another pet peeve is people calling me early in the morning. I am a late night person. I find peace and solace in the wee hours of the morning so if I go to bed at three and my phone rings at seven through nine, I PROMISE, there's not going to be a happy camper that answers. If you're selling anything…I pity the fool…As Mr. T used to say.

    Ooooh...oohh…One more thing I promise. Speaking of waking up early in the morning…If some of y'all don't know, I'm at my home in Phoenix, Arizona. (Long story- don't ask.) The night I get home I am so exhausted from the flight, but I can't sleep because of the time difference. I end up falling asleep at around 5a.m. Since I didn't have anything to do in the morning I figured I could just sleep until I woke up so I wasn't worried about it. NOT!! That would be too simple right? No, I was gone from Nov. until Feb. and my STINKIN smoke detector battery wants to run out the night I get home! And let me tell you; whoever made that alarm sound that is so annoying that you have no choice but to either change the battery or rip it down and beat it with a sledge hammer should get an award. For real. That is the most annoying sound I have ever heard. Sometimes I think my life is one big bloopers and practical jokes I tell you.

    All right, my dears. If you're at work right now… Hi!!! If you're at home; go do your homework! I've gotten all types of email from so many people. Thank you. Oh, and Happy New Year! We also celebrated the Chinese New Year in February.

    Be blessed, Adrian

    PS. I just saw the movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” It was soooooo good. I recommend it. I also recommended “Ray” to y'all and because of that Jamie Foxx won as Oscar. I should be getting a thank you card from him soon. Tyler Perry, send it to the office.

    PPS. My cousin Chatammour came to visit me in Korea in Feb. Cousin a.k.a. Fair Maiden, thanks for the company. Had a great time with you despite…

    Also- AS- I'm not a hater. You're almost done. Do yo thissle my nissle.