Adrian Williams: Pass The Ketchup
January 28, 2005

Adrian Williams

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    Happy New Year!

    We are in the New Year and it is going pretty good so far. I am still enjoying myself here in Korea and they are still treating me exceptionally well. Right now my team is doing very well – we are in second place behind Kelly Miller's team, but by the time this journal comes out we will be back in first where we belong! (Please don't read this Kelly!)

    Oh, let me tell you who's playing out here in the WKBL. Let's see ... Like I said, I'm out here. And there’s Kelly, Nicki Teasley, Alana Beard and two players that used to play in the league – Shalonda Enis and Travesa Gant. Yes, there are only six teams, but we play each other four times. Talk about knowing each other's plays! =)

    We got to wear our pink uniforms yesterday. Yeah, I said it … Pink. We have pink uniforms and our colors are pink, blue and white. I should put a pink ribbon in my hair like Lisa (Leslie). My team mascots are a star, a moon, and ... Can you guess it? A sun! That is so funny to me! We have to fight, we have to overcome, we have to prevail! We are ... the ... Moon. HAHA! They have some really funny mascots out here. I'm sure they mean something or other in the Korean culture, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.

    Which brings me to the Korean language. Usually I pick up foreign languages pretty quick, but Korean is difficult. To date, I know thank you and the numbers one through four. That's it! I don't even know my coach's or most of my teammates' names. That is so sad! It's not as easy as you think y'all. It's not like Anne or Jackie. And Tequalla is easy to compared to the names they have out here. So until you come to Korea ... DON'T JUDGE ME!! I'm sorry, I feel a little self conscious.

    I try to at least join in sometimes on the chants, so right before we go out on the court, someone counts to three than we say, timone! During preseason, right before a game, we all put our hand in then our captain counted out one, two, three, and I yelled timone! I was so proud and everyone smiled at me, happy that I was trying to fit in. Then later when I was on the bench I leaned to my translator and said, Claire, what is timone? She's like huh? I said, timone? She said, I don't know. I'm thinking great, my Korean translator doesn't even know Korean. (This was in early Dec.) So Claire turned to one of my teammates and asked what it was. You know what? They weren't even saying timone. They were saying Team all! In English! So I'm trying to speak in Korean and they were speaking English. And you tell me it's not a hard dialect!

    They are really hung up on "rank" here. For instance, we are not allowed to begin eating or leave the table until the coach eats or leaves and the young girls can't leave until everyone older than them leaves. I love it! I believe in respecting those older than you. At first I tried to sit as long as I could at the table because I was the second oldest on the team. You know, just to give them a hard time. Now they just ignore me all the time. I'm like, hey, I'm the oldest. They have figured out I'm a kidder. I try to imagine young people in the US respecting older players. NOT! These young players in the NBA and WNBA come in like they own the world. On the other hand, you can't give everyone power because sometimes they abuse it. One time I was sitting down and my coach got up to get more to eat. Finally! I had been waiting for someone to get up because I didn't feel like getting up to get more ketchup. So I asked my coach to pass it to me. It was total silence when my translator asked him for me. I'm like what? I'm not supposed to ask him for anything. And she said, not really. Oh! But he handed it to me and my teammates were like WOW!! Long live "A" for asking Coach to hand her ketchup. Hey, if you're up and you're standing next to something I need, I'm going to ask you for it. I don’t care if you're President Bush or Bill Gates. I ask Jesus for stuff I need and no one's greater than him. =)

    I have searched high and low, low and high and I have yet to find someone ... Listen, if you are out there and you have a credit score of 850 can I meet you please? I would like to take you out and buy you lunch. Of course I would have to pay CASH because my credit score is termed (weak). I CAN'T STAND Experian, TransUnion or Equifax. The fact that I know the names is proof enough that they are destroying my sanity. I did buy a house last year by the grace of God, but it was by the hair of my chinny chin chin. You know why? Is it because my credit's bad? No. Is it because I have a whole bunch of debt? No. It's because I have no credit! How RIDICULOUS! I'm so tired of Target, Gap, and Best Buy asking me if I want to save an additional 10 percent by opening up a credit card account. YES I WOULD!! I REALLY WOULD!! But you know what! You're going to deny me then give me a number to call and see why I got denied. Then that's one more "inquiry" on my credit report! Quit teasing me.

    The San Antonio Silver Stars named Dan Hughes as the new head coach. Finally! COO Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil was calling me all the time – day and night – asking me who I thought should be the coach and what I thought of Coach Hughes. Of course I said that he was without a doubt the best man for the job and if anyone else was named, I would not return to the WNBA – ever. (And cut. In actuality, I found out about Coach Dan just like you. On Secondly, it is never too early to start brown nosing. =))

    I was getting treatment on my ankle because I turned it and my trainer decided to do acupuncture without telling me. He went from giving me an ankle massage to taking out needles from the drawer and poking them into my foot. OUCH! Since he couldn't understand what I was saying I would like to rehash my account of the situation:

    "What are you doing? What is that? You are not going to give me a shot. What are you doing? Why are you poking those things into my foot? Ouch. How many are you going to stick me? Ouch! That's not feeling too good Mr. Ouch! That's enough … don't you thi ... Ouch! That's a vei ... OUCH!!!!!!!”

    There. I feel a lot better now that I have got my point across.

    My New Year's Resolutions:

    I actually have two New Year's resolutions, but I can only tell you one. Quit being nosey! I'm not going to tell you. The one I can tell you is I'm going to try and be on time for things. I am always late! Well not to practice or games, but then I'm never late for stuff I get paid for. =) It is so bad that I'll be late for church, but still go down to the front. That's a level of comfortableness that should not be tolerated. So , for 2005, if I am late for church I will donate $200 to a charity. If I'm late for an appearance, date, (actually, no, not a date), picking my nieces up or dropping them off at school, or any other event where there is no reason I should be late, I will donate $25 to a charity. By the end of the year, I will be donating $5000 to charity. = ) Just kidding.

    In closing, I would like to thank our American Soldiers for what you do for our country. I just found out I have a cousin – Jeremy – out here in Korea and I am able to see first hand what a soldier gives up and goes through to protect our country. (Of course, not all first hand, but the military base is no joke.) Now they do have some perks, but I know this week Jeremy had to go out into the field for training and sleep outside for a week. Not a perk. Soldiers, past and present, thank you so much. More than ever before – I appreciate you.

    Please keep in your prayers the survivors of the Tsunami disaster. If you haven't already – donate! Put your feelings into action.

    Until the next time – God bless and good night!


    P.S. – We have had our first major holiday, Martin Luther King's birthday, and now we are approaching the next major holiday. Yes, ladies and gents, my birthday is approaching. I am a February baby which is why I am such a sweetheart. In the words of the great Forest Gump, “That's all I'm going to say about that.”

    P.P.S. – Hey Les.