Adrian Williams: Three Weeks in Korea
December 16, 2004

Adrian Williams

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    Hello faithful readers,

    I know, I know, you are wondering what I've been up to right? Right! First though, I want to thank everyone who has emailed me thus far. I have received some great encouragement and questions. Also, please, please, please do not be sad for me because I'm going to be here in Korea on Christmas away from my family for the first time in 27 years. Or because I'm going to miss New Years, Valentine's Day, and my birthday. No, I'm just kidding, I'm fine. I know my mom's probably reading this and she knows I can get a little lonely. I'm fine, mom.

    Now, what am I doing you ask? I have been in Seoul going on three weeks, yippee! So far so good. Everyone is very nice here and they are treating me like a queen. Just like I treat myself, so we agree on that at least. I am living in a dorm. It is almost like the dorm I lived in my FRESHMAN year at USC (fight on) only it has a bathroom. Actually, it's so small it's more like a ba.... I am cool with it though. As long as I keep getting my meals prepared and my laundry done, I AM SO COOL. Don't bite the hands that feed ya. (Smile)

    Let me explain something. Yes, I did bring five checked bags, but hear me out. First off, I could have easily made them fit into three bags but I didnít want to have to deal with really heavy bags. And two, I need everything I brought. Here are some examples: clothes of course, for every weather condition imaginable, shoes, basketball stuff (shoes, ankle braces, etc.), pharmaceuticals (Theraflu, antibiotics, Tylenol, etc), food (cereal, laffy taffy, wheat thins, etc), DVDs and music, books (I'm sure you can't find Christian romance fiction here), pictures of my nieces and a candle (love that rose smell). So you seeÖNONE of these things could be left at home. Trust me, I did not forget ANYTHING!

    What have I learned since I've been here? Well, the first night I was here my bed felt like I was sleeping on a hard wood floor. Don't despair, as soon as I informed them I was used to the pillow top variety they went out to Costco. and bought me a fluffer-upper (I really don't know what it's called). Like I said, they have been very hospitable. Here though, hard mattresses are the norm. Actually, if one suffers from a bad back here and has the money, they can buy themselves a jade or rock mattress. ROCK! That's like a negative twenty four on the sleep number mattress. I prefer to feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud (along with my stuffed tiger that I also brought. Forgot about that necessity.)

    I have also learned that the right side of my body is 10% weaker than the left side. That is a lot, y'all! Why didn't anyone tell me? It's like when you go out to dinner with a group of people and you don't find out until you get home that you had something stuck in your teeth the whole time. That's how I feel now. Like I've been lopsided and no one told me. Come on, people! I know someone noticed! (Please do not email and tell me you noticed I am lopsided. That will only hurt my feelings. This here's a joke.)

    I went to the massage therapist last weekend and I got my pressure points...uh...pressurized? After my session was done, the pressure point lady told my translator that I had a hard stomach. Well, knowing I had been doing a lot of ab exercises, I smiled and waved her off, yes, thank you, thank you. She then told the translator that a hard, cold stomach means that I eat a lot of junk food. WHAT!! So not only am I lopsided but my stomach is cold and hard? (I admit it, before coming here I was not eating like I should, but she had no right to call me out like that! I'm eating better now...with my crooked self.)

    Mosquitoes here are awful. I am sorry for you Texans that have to put up with these nuisances all your life. Mainly Houstonians (LOL). To date, I have over thirty mosquito bites. That is a whole bunch of itching let me tell you. And as we bypass the fact that I have indeed counted all my bites, I want to say I AM SCRATCHING! I am trying to scratch the skin off my arm I am itching so bad. (Young people please do not scratch; it's not good for you.) I learned that all my teammates have this device you plug in that irritates the mosquitoes so they donít come around. Notice I said my teammates? I am the only one in my dorm without one of these things. That means all the mosquitoes are like, Homey, you have some nice, delicious blood for me down the hall. And although I have been told I am a sweetheart, I do not like blood thieves! One time I smashed a mosquito on the wall and a WHOLE BUNCH of blood came out. I was like, man, you just sat and feasted you selfish bug!

    They did give me some spray, but I don't even know if it works or not because I try to drown those bad boys when they land (AH HA!!! Gotcha!) and they just keep coming back for more. And I think it is just plain disrespectful for a mosquito to bite on the hand or face...I have bites on both. Rude insects.

    I know this is really long, but I have a lot to say. One more thing, I have been watching America's Next Top Model and I want to thank Ms. Tyra Banks for showing several young ladies around the world they should not and can not model! Many people have asked me if I have ever or would ever model, and after watching this season of "Top Model," absolutely not. I am too sensitive for someone to tell me my pictures look like a grasshopper on drugs, or a dead tarantula.

    Okay, that's it. I have some more to say but I'll save it for next time. It is Christmas time! What a beautiful season huh? People buying gifts, singing, eating, eating and eating. In this time, please remember those less fortunate. We are all in different economic situations, but if you're able to log on somewhere and read this silly journal, you're far better than a lot of people around the world. Jesus is the reason for the season! God bless you, Adrian.

    Shout outs:

    To the young lady who emailed me and thanked me for being "me." Showing my love for Christ in whatever I do. I'm sorry; I accidentally erased your email. Please write again.

    To the young lady who my Aunt Mary wrote me about who doesn't like her height. I was the same way. God made you unique. Embrace it. As soon as you do, it won't matter what other people think.

    And finally, to my translator, Claire. You're a life saver. Without you, I don't know what I'd do.