Sandy Vasquez Habitat Blog

First off, I'd like to thank my SS&E family for giving me an experience I'll never forget! Who would have ever thought, ME, helping building a house! For those of you who know me, this was certainly WAY outside of MY box!

Being out there, along side my peers, and making it happen was such incredible experience. To know that I had a part in helping build someone's house is something that I will never forget. One day, someone I don't even know, is going to walking into their new home, and realize that people came together to make this happen! Hopefully that new home is going to bring them things they haven't had before...a space of their own and a feeling of security to come home to everyday. They are going to realize that people in their community really do care!

The dedication, and commitment, from each and everyone one of you, was truly amazing! I am so PROUD to be a part of such a great organization! Part of my job, being a member of the Silver Stars Sales staff is to "help create memories," and that is exactly what this did for me! Thanks, again!