What All-Star Means to Me: Sophia Young

All-Star to me is about fun. You pretty much get out there, and I donít want to say be silly, but showcase our talents. The best in the WNBA are out there for fun and having a great time.

Itís really not that serious, even though a lot of people want it to be serious and have a ďgame.Ē But we as players want it to be fun so we can relax a little.

My first All-Star experience was in New York and I had a blast. It was my rookie year and I didnít really know a lot. The vets were like Vickie Johnson, Lisa Leslie and all those great players.

I was like, ďOh my gosh Iím here, itís really the All-Star game!Ē It was a lot of fun.

For some reason I remember Lisa shot an air ball and it was just pretty funny to me and all of us because it was like, ď(gasp) Oh my Lisa Leslie, the legend!Ē When you think of things like that the All-Star Game is always a bunch of fun.

One thing is itís also a time where we can just hang out with other players, talk and have a great time. Itís almost a way to get your mind off basketball and the season, itís a good break to relax your body for just a little bit.

Itís neat to be able to compete and some of the players you see during the season you donít have a chance to get to know that well. Then you become teammates and you get to know their personality. And it turns out that the person you may not have known ends up being pretty cool, even though they may not have seemed to be that cool when you played against them. Itís kind of funny that way.

Getting to know some of them is really great, to sit and talk to them and get to know them personally is really a great feeling. Itís also a great feeling to know that by being selected youíre one of the top players in the world.