All-Star About the Fans

My experience last year at the All-Star Game was tremendous. Itís a lot of fun and allows us to showcase who we are.

Being part of that was really cool. I was a little surprised to be there but itís still an experience that not every player has the chance to do. I took full advantage of it and thank the fans who got us there. To be around all those players is very cool.

Going through practice is a fun walk through, but itís more fun when the game starts. You see all those little skills and hidden talents that some of the players have that you may not get to see during a normal game because they may get in trouble. But at All-Star itís fun and you can do some of those skills, like making behind the back passes or put some different spin on the ball. Weíre just trying to have a bunch of fun that youíd never be able to get away with otherwise.

Itís very much a fan friendly environment. Itís all about the fans but we have fun with it while weíre out there. All the different competitions and challenges is something everyone gets into with all the fans yelling and scream, itís just a great time and weíre really looking forward to hosting it this year in San Antonio.