Getting To Know Allie Quigley

Allie Quigley
Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images - Can you tell our fans a little bit about your background and where you have previously played?

Allie Quigley - I am from Joliet, Illinois; itís like an hour south of Chicago. I went to DePaul for college and just got done playing in Indiana for a few weeks but the last two seasons before that I was in Phoenix.

SAS - How did this opportunity to play for the Silver Stars happen?

AQ - I was in Indiana for a couple of weeks and it didnít work out but I just stayed ready at home and obviously the opportunity came. I am excited about playing for the Silver Stars and getting at it to help the team.

SAS - What do you expect to bring to the Silver Stars on the basketball court?

AQ - I want to bring energy off the bench, provide a different look off the wing and try to do a little bit of everything. Whatever I can do whether thatís knock down the open shot or make the right pass, basically just energy off of the bench.

SAS - Have you ever been in a situation before where you are thrown into a team in the middle of a season?

AQ - I have been late to some training camps but never right in the middle of a season. But so far on the first day, everyone has been really helpful. I am kind of familiar with a lot of the plays but it will take a little time to get used to. I have been going a lot in the last couple of weeks so maybe the time lapse was good. I can come in fresh and bring energy or whatever they need me to do.

SAS -How would you describe your game on the basketball court?

AQ - A lot of people might think I am just a shooter but I have been working on other parts of my game. I can dribble and rebound too and just do a little bit of everything Ė but mainly I am a shooter.

SAS - Whatís your familiarity with the current Silver Stars roster?

AQ - Playing overseas and playing in the league for a few years, everyone just kind of knows each other. I have played against all of them and know of them all. I know Jayne a little bit through friends. Everyone though has been really welcoming and I am excited to get to know everybody both on and off the court.