Draft Day: Inside the War Room

Silver Stars Media Services Manager Leigh Anne Gullett is bringing sasilverstars.com all the action from inside the War Room at the AT&T Center. Don't miss out one this exclusive draft day coverage!
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    Thanks for joining us in the 2008 War Room... we saved all the excitement for the end! Be on the lookout for Q&As with our newest additions coming soon!


    A trade has just gone down... Atlanta gets Camille Little, Chioma Nnamaka and San Antonio's 2009 1st Round pick and San Antonio gets Ann Wauters, Morenike Atunrase and Atlanta's 2009 2nd Round pick.

    Well, the draft is over, but the excitement isn't.... let's see what trades start coming down the pipe now!

    Fire up your search engines, folks.... our 39th pick is Alex Anderson, a forward from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

    Just trying to keep everyone on their toes in the late rounds!

    Our trainer is in the corner snacking on some Cheez Nips.... I think she's holding out on us... Connecticut is on the clock with the 37th pick, so two more to get to us at 39!

    It's been 10 minutes already?! I think I dozed off for a minute... just kidding. The waiting is brutal! Just a few picks away and a few conversations going on about possibilities. Sandy just asked if I wanted to suit up for training camp to run the point while we wait for our overseas players to get back in town. Hahahaha.... clearly, she wasn't present the day in Phoenix Coach Hughes' son, Bryce, annhilated me in a friendly game of knock out.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of draft day... hurry up and wait... just nine picks away from our next choice

    The Detroit Shock have a live blog from their war room too.... they're a colorful group. We need to do something exciting to compete with their blog... we liked Big Syl's hat too!

    San Antonio selects Chioma Nnamaka, guard, from Georgia Tech

    Showtime for the Silver Stars... we're on the clock! This is a really deep draft, so a lot of talent left on the board and a lot of debating going on in the room. You gotta love the suspense... computers and cell phones going everywhere!

    Pringle goes to Phoenix... a good pick for the Mercury. She fits well with their team. How good has the draft been to them during the last several years? Taurasi, Pondexter, Harding and the trade last season....

    Connecticut on the clock... will they go guard? This is the first time in recent years we haven't had an early pick... the biggest debate in our war room at the moment is should I go with the M&M cookie or the more healthy fruit and veggie spread?

    So far Parker, Fowles, Wiggins, Hornbuckle, Ajavon, Langhorne, Carson, Young, Holt and Harper are off the board. Big players in LaToya Pringle and Erlana Larkins are still available.

    Tamara Young is the first pick in Atlanta Dream history... AND our first draft day surprise! At least for all of us.

    Atlanta is no on the clock, so I guess you could call this an historic WNBA Draft moment... the first pick in Dream history. Let's see how they do....

    Still no surprises as Sylvia Fowles goes to Chicago, followed by Candice Wiggins to Minnesota and Alexis Hornbuckle to Detroit. How athletic will Chicago be now?! Big Syl along with Candice Dupree and Armintie Price... can you say athletic?! The Sky will be tough in the East this year. Houston is on the clock.

    No surprises here... L.A. goes with Candace Parker first overall... Without a first round pick, we're just in sit and wait mode so overall things are quiet in the Stars war room.

    Well, here we go... Los Angeles is officially on the clock...
    11:40 AM

    Well T-minus 30 minutes and counting! We're dialed into the WNBA Draft Conference Call and have a conference table filled with laptops, notes and phone lists. We also have a steady supply of Diet Coke and snacks, so I guess you can say we're wired and ready! Oh, and Coach Lange has the biggest Starbucks cup of coffee I've ever seen. So, now I guess we just wait! We'll check back in when the picks start flying!

    Moment of panic! I think we overloaded the conference room with technology because for a brief moment we were kicked off the conference call. The league got her reconnected pretty quickly, so hopefully no pertinent information was exchanged while we were offline!